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Reset Domain Admin Password for Windows Server 2012

Have forgotten or lost Windows server 2012 administrator password? What can we do to reset local and domain forgotten admin password for Windows server 2012?

If you have or could find Windows server 2012 installation disk, surely you can boot your locked server computer from it and reset Windows server 2012 forgotten password with command. But if you have no, advanced Windows Password Genius also could help you access Windows server 2012 after forgot administrator password.

  1. Solution 1: Reset Windows server 2012 domain admin password with installation disk
  2. Solution 2: Access Windows server 2012 with advanced Windows Password Genius

Solution 1: Take installation disk to reset Windows server 2012 forgotten domain admin password

1. Click Next from Install Windows menu, and select Repair your computer option from left-bottom corner.

2. Select the Operting System to repair on dialog System Recovery Options and click Next.

3. Click Command Prompt to open command prompt window, where you can change location of two system programs (cmd.exe and utilman.exe) with following command.

MOVE C:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe C:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe.bak
COPY C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe C:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe

4. Close Command Prompt and let locked Windows server 2012 boot from hard drive normally.

5. Click the Utility Manager icon on Windows server 2012 login screen and command prompt is open.

6. Enter net user command to reset Windows server 2012 forgotten administrator password.

7. Reboot server computer from installation disk again and restore "utilman.exe" with command in Command Prompt.

copy Utilman.exe cmd.exe
move Utilman.exe.bak Utilman.exe

Now when you restart Windows 2012 server again normally after exit installation disk, you would find the server computer could be accessed with new administrator password or without password. So undoutedly, Windows installation disk is still another general way besides password reset disk to reset Windows forgotten password even though it is a little difficult for someone.

More details about Windows password reset with installation disk: Reset Windows 10 password with installation CD

Solution 2: Access server 2012 computer with advanced Windows Password Genius

If you have no password reset disk or installation disk after Windows server 2012 domain administrator password forgot, don't worry. Advanced Windows Password Genius could solve your problem easier with two options.

As long as you burn the software into bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM and boot locked server from it, you could do that.

Step 1: Burn advanced Windows Password Genius into bootable disk.

1. Install and run iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced on your accessible computer installed with windows xp or later operating systems.

Note: If your windows server 2012 password forgot on a raid server, you would have to choose Windows Password Genius Raid version which works well with HP/DELL/IBM/LENOVO raid computer.

2. Insert bootable USB or CD/DVD drive into computer and select it as burning device.

3. Click Begin burning button to burn Windows Password Genius Advanced/Raid into it.

After burning successfully, exit the USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM from available computer.

burn windows password reset disk

Step 2: Boot locked server 2012 computer from Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Plug the burning disk into locked windows server 2012 computer and set computer boot from USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM. Then iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced would run on locked computer.

  1. How to set your computer to boot from USB drive
  2. How to set your computer to boot from CD/DVD ROM

Now you would just need to follow two parts below to finish Windows server 2012 domain admin password reset and new administrator creation on locked computer.

Part 1: Reset domain admin password on Windows server 2012

In Windows Password Genius Advanced user list, select the administrator account which password forgot, and click Reset Password button. Then tap "Yes" to confirm a default password "iSunshare@2012" reset for it.

Tips: To meet the windows server 2012 password policy, a default password is provided.

reset windows server 2012 domain password

Part 2: Create new administrator to bypass Windows server 2012 forgotten password

With the Windows 2012 password reset disk created in Step 1, you can also create a new administrator to login Windows 2012 computer instead of password-forgotten administrator.

After Windows server 2012 boot from USB or CD/DVD drive, choose Add User option on Windows Password Genius Advanced. Type the new domain administrator account name and click OK. Then a new domain administrator would be created with default password "iSunshare@2012" protected.

add new user for windows server 2012

Step 3: Reboot the Windows server 2012 computer and you access server computer.

Reboot server computer and remove burning disk from server in time to make server computer reboot normally. Then with new administrator password or new admin account, you can successfully login locked Windows server 2012, and bypass Windows server 2012 forgotten admin password.

This is an effective way for all users who forgot Windows server 2012 administrator password. It saves lots of time and there is no damage to server computer. Surely you can also try more probable difficult way instead powerful and easy-to-use Windows Password Genius Advanced if you have enough time and patience, such as creating a Winpe boot disk to access your computer and writing a script to reset forgotten Windows server 2012 domain admin password.

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