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How to Prevent Apps from Automatic Installing/Uninstalling on Android

In order to protect Android from damage or attack, and make it run normally, I think we had better not install untrusted program, and not uninstall apps randomly on Android phone.

  1. Part 1: Stop untrusted program automatic installing on Android
  2. Part 2: Stop apps from uninstalling on Android

Part 1: Stop untrusted program automatic installing on Android

If you don’t want to install untrusted apps on Android phone, it can be set up by changing system security settings.

Now we take Huawei Android phone as an example. The following introductions in this article also use Huawei phone. 

1. Open Settings on Android system and turn to All tab.

open security settings on Android

2. Scroll to Privacy & security and choose Security.

3. Turn off Unknown sources in "Security" if it is turned on. If not, don’t do anything.

turn off installing apps from unknown sources

Tips: If you want to turn on "Known sources", once you change its settings, it would prompt you the possible damage to your Android phone. If you are sure, you should click "OK" on pop-up Attention and it would be successfully turned on.

turn on installing apps from unknown resources

From then on, when you prepare to install a program from untrusted sources, the Android phone would make you confirm again whether you want to really install this untrusted app. If not, just deny it.

Part 2: Stop apps from uninstalling on Android

If you want apps on android phone not to be uninstalled easily by you or others, you had better make these apps system apps.

1. Root Android phone

2. Convert user app to system app

As is known, system app cannot be changed even uninstalled unless you have rooted the Android phone. By default, the system apps are located in system catalogue system/app.

prevent apps from uninstalling by convert to system app

So if you would like to convert user apps to system apps, you should move the app APK to system/app manually or with third-party software. And the app related files should be transferred to save in corresponding system folder.

3. Unroot Android phone, and reboot it.

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