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Reset Windows 2012 Password with OSK.exe

Windows 2012 is the newest Windows server system offered by Microsoft. With the widespread use of Windows server 2012 or Windows server 2012 R2, password problem also becomes a tough thing for Windows 2012 users. When forgotten password for Windows 2012, how to access Windows 2012 again without logon? Now please take it easy to follow the steps to reset Windows 2012 password with OSK.exe.

Step 1: Find Windows 2012 installation disk, and insert it into the CD-drive, restart the computer and enter BIOS.

Step 2: On the Boot Device Priority, select CD-ROM Drives to the first boot option in order to boot the computer from CD drive

Step 3: When the boot tips appear on the screen, press any key to boot the computer boot the computer from CD.

Step 4: Click next in the Language Selection interface, in the installation interface, click Fix the Computer, and click Command Prompt in the System Recovery Options.
Or click “Shift+F10” to open command prompt screen.

Step 5: Find and delete osk.exe from Windows\System32.

5-1 Type C: \Windows\System32\dir osk.exe
//You can see osk.exe below command

5-2 Type:
C: \Windows\System32\del osk.exe
C: \Windows\System32\dir osk.exe
// Now you can’t find out osk.exe again because it has been deleted.

Step 6: Copy and rename cdmd.exe to osk.exe.

C: \Windows\System32\copy cmd.exe osk.exe
C: \Windows\System32\dir osk.exe
//Osk.exe appears means copy cmd.exe successfully

Step 7:Reboot computer and click the button “Ease of access” on the left button.Choose “Don’t type with Keyboard” and then click “Yes” on the pop-up dialog.

Step 8:– When Command prompt screen appears, modify local administrator password with net user command. If you are not sure the name of administrator account, you also can create a new account and password. The command follows:

Net user admin user password /add
Net local group administrator admin user/add

Step 9: Sign in server with local administrator account and password created for modified just now.

Last but not the least, copy osk.exe from another computer installed with Windows server 2012, and save it on server to replace osk.exe that has been created.

If you even think it a little difficult, you can also recover Windows server 2012 password with Windows Password Genius Raid software. It is easy for you to operate and reset Windows password within few minutes.

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