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Why and How to Make a Data Backup for iOS Devices

Why we should make a backup for iPhone/iPad/iPod data?

Though with excellent user experience, iDevice still couldn’t tell iPhone/iPad/iPod users how to do, if data lost without data backup. But backup is always a good method all the time, especially for protecting important data on iDevice. No matter what leads to data loss, we can restore them or at least reduce data loss.

Fortunately, iDevice provides two opportunities for us to backup data for iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Two ways to backup iDevice Data: iTunes, iCloud

Now the following will take iPad iOS 8 as example to describe how to backup iDevice data in detailed.

Way 1: Backup iPad Data with iTunes on Computer

This way will introduce how to backup data from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer via iTunes.

1. Connect iPad to computer via USB sync cable.

2. By default, iTunes will launch automatically when iPad is connected. Sync process starts and makes a backup at the same time.

For example, if iPad has been upgraded to iOS 8, and connected iPad to computer via iTunes 11, iPad data would be synced to computer once connection. While, if your iPad isn’t set to auto sync, continue on to the next step.

backup iOS device with iTunes

3. Click the Summary button for your iPad. Then, in the Backups section, there are two options you can choose to save backup file.

Generally, we prefer to make a full backup on computer. So choose the second option and click Back Up Now button.

encrypt iTunes backup

Tips: If it is your first time to backup iPad with iTunes on computer, you would be asked to set a password to encrypt iTunes backup file. Once you set, you will be asked for password to unlock backup. Or you have to turn off backup encryption in iTunes.

Way 2: Backup iPad Data with iCloud

This way just requires Apple ID to login iCloud and then backup iPad data to iCloud in iPad.

1. Make sure your iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi network successfully.

2. Tap the Settings icon, then tap iCloud.

3. Login into iCloud with Apple ID.

login into iCloud in iPad

4. Tap Storage - Backup, then Back Up Now. Again, this might happen quickly, or it could take a while.

Each of them has its advantages. If you use computer frequently and don't have iCloud account, iTunes is a better choice. If you want to make a backup on iOS device directly, use iCloud please. But whether the recent report about the safety of iCloud has influenced your choice? If you are worried about data stealed from iCloud, please backup data on computer or protect iCloud account safe.

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