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Fix Error When Installing SQL Server Management Studio Express on Windows 7

By the end of SQL Server Management Studio Express installation on Windows 7 computer, suddenly a message pops up prompting that the installation is failed because of unexpected error 29506.

error 29506 in SQL Server Management Studio installation

I cannot realize the seriousness of this error at first, and think as long as try again, it would be solved, since I have just installed successfully SQL Server Management Studio Express on VM. The same SQL Server Management Studio Express is downloaded separately from Microsoft.

After several tries, the error still occurs. So I could only search the Internet to look for explanation and solution to this SSMS installation error. Originally this problem has involved to permission. And if you want to solve it, you would need higher authority to run the installation file of SSMS and install SSMS with cmd.

Fix Error 29506 with Command Prompt Run as Administrator

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as administrator.

Point to the location of cmd.exe and right-click it to run as administrator.

Step 2: Locate the directory of SQL Server Management Studio Express installation file with command.

fix SSMS installation error with command run as administrator

Step 3: Type command "msiexec" and press Enter. A prompting dialog will appear and show the details about what command "msiexec" can do. Click OK.

introduction about msiexec command

Step 4: Input command below and press Enter to launch SSMS setup program.

msiexec /i SQLServerxx_SSMSEE.msi /gf

launch SSMS setup program with msiexec command

In the following, you just need to install SSMS as usual on Windows computer until it is finished. It will be successfully installed on your computer.

complete SQL Server Management Studio Express setup

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