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SQL Server 2012 SA Password Reset on Locked Windows Server 2012

On locked Windows Server 2012 computer, if you want to reset SQL Server 2012 SA password, there are two problems you need to solve one by one.

  1. Part 1: Unlock Windows Server 2012
  2. Part 2: Reset SQL Server 2012 SA Password

Part 1: Unlock Windows Server 2012

While Windows Server 2012 is locked because of administrator password forgotten or lost, we should reset Windows 2012 password first. Only after unlock Windows Server 2012, could we reset SQL Server 2012 password.

locked out of Windows Server 2012

Part 2: Reset SQL Server 2012 SA Password

If it is just intended to reset SQL SA password, there are several ways we could use. Now introduce two effective of them.

Way 1: SQL Server 2012 SA password reset in single-user mode

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as administrator, and close MSSQLSERVER with NET STOP MSSQLSERVER command.

Step 2: Type NET START MSSQLSERVER /m to start SQL Server 2012 in single-user mode.

Step 3: Open SQL Server Management, and click "New Query".

Step 4: Type new command in command prompt window to enable SA account and change its password.

ALTER Login sa enable

Step 5: Close SQL Server, and type NET START MSSQLSERVER in command prompt. Now startup SQL Server, you could login SQL Server with SA account. SQL Server SA password has been reset.

Tips: How to Set SQL Server Access with Single User Mode

Way 2: SQL Server 2012 SA Password Reset with Tool

iSunshare SQL Password Genius is one tool available for SQL 2012 SA password reset. Take it for SQL password reset would be effective, safe and save your time.

1. Get and install SQL Password Genius on computer.

2. Run it and import master database into it.

Before running SQL Password Genius, remember close SQL Server Services. Click "Open File" button on recovery tool to browse master database file in computer. When it is found, open it and it would be imported into this tool.

reset SQL Server 2012 SA password

3. Select SA account and reset password.

Select SA account and click "Reset" button to set new password for it in pop-up dialog. However, if what you have installed is SQL Password Genius trial version, it could show all users of master database only, but cannot reset SQL user password. So taking full version would get guarantee.

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