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Ten Shorcuts Detailed Analysis for Windows Server 2012

Since Microsoft has designed Windows server operational system, Windows server 2012 is the server operating system closed to keyboard most. If users want to operate Windows server 2012 more simply, to be familiar with and handle shortcuts is necessary. Besides, if want to remote desktop control Windows server operational system, it is needed to set Apply Windows keys for remote computers. Now, let’s analyze the most commonly used 10 shortcuts for Windows server 2012.

1. Windows + X

This is the most important shortcut for Windows server 2012 and is used usually in work. It helps to enter Programs and Features, Power, Main Menu, System, Device Management, Disk Management, Computer Management, Command Prompt, Task Manager, Control Panel, File Browsing, Lookup function and Run etc interface. So its importance for Windows server 2012 is so obvious, because all of important shortcuts without obvious boundaries are integrated into this shortcut.

2. Windows + I

Besides above introduced shortcut, this is the second important shortcut. It will help to open a new Windows Server 2012 settings menu, by which computer user could access Control Panel, Personal System, Server Information Management, Help Menu etc. And it is available to enter Network Options, Audio, Brightness Settings, Notification, Main Keyboard and Power Management.

3. Windows

Windows key connects desktop with startup screen tightly. In general, you come back to desktop only with Windows key, because other keys are not so convenient. Surely Ctrl + Esc can be used to turn to desktop when there is no Windows key on keyboard.

4. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + Z

Ctrl + C is used for copy, Ctrl + X is used to cut, Ctrl + V is used for paste something and Ctrl + Z is used to cancel the above work. These shortcuts are very flexible, and they can be used in Text Editor, Resource Manager, Microsoft Office and such applications.

5. Alt + F4

It can close current window, and is the same to the Red Cross at the right-upper side of window. This shortcut is also available in Windows 8. If you don’t know how to exit a program, just click the Red Cross.

6. Windows + E

This shortcut key can open Resource Manager in desktop or start screen. Once you press it, Resource Manager would be open and turn to computer file interface.

7. Windows + Shift + Tab

Now, believe you have felt how important shortcut it is in Windows Server 2012. Windows + Shift + Tab could switch open window arbitrarily. And this is also available in Windows 8.

8. Windows + R

Windows + R could open Run prompt. Users can look up the information they want to know by typing program route. This shortcut provides privileges of entering Windows system inside. Even though you have not logged in to Windows as administrator, admin privileges can be gotten as well to run program.

9. Windows + Q

In Windows Server 2012, there is another important shortcut, Windows + Q. It can help to open program search dialog and enter program screen where you want to access. In addition, installation program also lists in the screen.

10. Windows + L

This shortcut is also available in previous Windows operating systems. When press Windows + L, you could go back to start interface and let computer be in ready mode. If you need to leave for few minutes, this shortcut will help you.

Except the Windows shortcuts shown above, there are still other shortcuts surely for Windows Server 2012. But handle the above commonly used shortcuts would have help you much when you don’t want to know too many shortcuts.

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