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How to Access SQL Database without Password

When I prepare to access SQL Server using SQL Server Authentication Mode, I suddenly find the SA login password is incorrect. But now I want to edit tables in database file. How can I access SQL Server Database without password?

Actually, besides SQL Server Authentication Mode, there is Windows Authentication mode available for SQL Server connection. If you have Windows admin privileges for identity certification, please choose Windows Authentication on SQL Server logon screen, and click "Connect" to access SQL database file.

However, if Windows Authentication cannot work, or you would like to login into SQL Server with SA account in local computer, that would need SA password. So now let's see how SQL Password Genius helps to access SQL database when users have no SA password.

Steps to Access SQL Server Database without Password

Step 1: Download and install SQL Password Genius on computer.

Suggest get full version one, because trial version only could show users for SQL database file, but not reset unknown SQL user password.

Step 2: Run SQL Password Genius and import SQL database master file.

Tips: Before you run SQL Password Genius, please stop SQL Server Services. If it starts, SQL unknown password would not be reset successfully.

Browse SQL Server master file in your computer by clicking Open File button on software screen. Open it and it would appear instantly in this SQL password recovery software. At the same time, all the users and password status for database file are listed in table under master file. MDF file location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data

open SQL database master.mdf file

Step 3: Set a new password for SA account.

Select sa in user list and click Reset button. A dialog pops up, type a new password in box and click OK.

set a new password for SQL SA account

When you get "Password successfully changed" message, click OK to finish SA password reset.

successfully set SQL SA password

get SA new password to access SQL Server Database

Now, you have gotten a new SA password, so you can close SQL Password Genius, restart SQL Server Service, and then access SQL database file with new SA password.

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