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Know About Android Safe Mode

Do you know Android phones have a safe mode? Perhaps you have known Windows Safe Mode, now let's know about Android Safe Mode.

What is Android Safe Mode & What is it for?

Safe Mode is a special mode of Android system, just like Safe Mode of Windows. In Safe Mode, users can easily fix some system errors, playing a multiplier effect. Safe Mode works by booting into system without running third-party auto-start programs to make phone run in the minimum mode where only the default system apps work so that you can easily detect some system errors caused by third party software. Safe mode doesn’t damage any application or personal data.

The third party application may have compatibility issue, resulting in some problems that it conflicts with other already installed applications or your phone is unable to boot. In this case, if you restore the phone to factory settings, the data in phone can’t be backed up. Is there any other way? Of course! It is “Safe Mode” that is added to Android system so that users can start their phone in safe mode to check whether the problem is caused by the third party application and then uninstall the faulty application to repair the errors.

According to the research, in this mode, system and software will work 1.5 times faster, game fluency will be 1.2 times smoother than before, and boot speed will be kept constant while shutdown speed will be 1.5 ~ 2.5 times faster. (This data is for reference only)

Safe Mode is suitable for people to use when outgoing, which keeps the phone stable and low power consumption. Safe Mode is also a refreshing choice for those who use a large number of apps.

How to enter Safe Mode on Android phone?

Android system adds “safe mode” after version 4, but not all Android phones can use it, and not all Android phones use the same approach to access to the Safe Mode. Some of the basic ways to boot into safe mode in Android are provided below.

P.S: The ways to enter safe mode in different brands and different models of Android phones are not the same. If the above methods don’t apply to your phone, please ask the customer service coordinator or search the operation for your phone model from the Internet.

How to exit Safe Mode on Android phone?

Sometimes we enter the safe mode by chance but don’t know how to exit it. Below I will share with you some ways to exit safe mode on Android. (Generally the ways to exit safe mode are basically the same in all kinds of Android phones.)

Note: Exiting safe mode may cause the desktop layout confusion; you may simply rearrange it by yourself later.

What causes Android phone to enter Safe Mode?

At this point, do you want to know the reason why your phone is stuck in Safe Mode? Generally there are two possibilities to cause Android phone to enter the Safe Mode. The first one is compatibility problem between applications. The second one is compatibility problem between software and system. Whatever the reason, don’t be afraid because you have learnt what is Android Safe Mode and how to exit it after reading this article.

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