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How to Private Contacts/Albums/Apps on Huawei Android

If your android phone is used by others usually and there are private information that you don’t want others to view, the feature Privacy protection integrated in Huawei Android will help you.

In order to set private information visible to only you, you have to set two passwords, one for yourself, and the other for visitors. Therefore, even though others have guest password to access your Huawei Android phone, the private information is still hidden for them.

So why not private information instantly you want to protect on Huawei Android?

Steps to Private Contacts/Albums/Apps on Huawei Android

Step 1: Choose Settings > Security. And select Privacy protection option.

enter privacy protection settings on Huawei Android

Step 2: Click "Let’s start" after you read the introduction about privacy protection and make sure you really want to private some contacts and their messages, call records, and notifications, albums and apps.

start to open privacy protection

Step 3: There would show two password styles for you to lock screen if you want to continue privacy protection. Choose PIN or Password.

Step 4: Set and confirm Owner password if you ever chosen Password/PIN style.

Tips: The owner password can view all data on your Huawei Android.

set and confirm owner password for privacy protection

Step 5: Set and confirm Visitor password if you ever chosen Password/PIN style.

Tips: Visitor password only could view non-private data.

set and confirm visitor password for privacy protection

Step 6: After Privacy protection is turned on, you can set private data, contacts, albums or applications.

6-1 Click Private contacts and you can add contacts from your contacts list to make it private.

private contacts on Huawei Android

6-2 Choose Private albums and select the albums you want to hide in visitor mode.

private albums on Huawei Android

6-3 Click Private applications and browse to decide which apps you don’t want others to see when they use your Android phone. Then turn on the apps in list, which will be hidden in visitor mode.

private apps on Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Surely, you can turn off privacy protection one day if you don’t want to set contacts/albums/apps hidden, as long as you have owner password.

turn off privacy protection on Huawei Android

1. Go to "Settings > Security", and choose Privacy protection.

2. Enter owner password or PIN to confirm owner password. Click Next.

3. Try to turn off Privacy protection and click Turn off button while there is prompting message popping up.

Tips: You can change password for privacy protection and change private contacts, albums and apps on the screen when you can turn off privacy protection.

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