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How Do You Retrieve Deleted Contacts from SIM Card in Android Phone

Contacts saved in SIM card should be significant for every Android phone user. However, when your Android phone is used by others or you and contacts are deleted by accident, how can you retrieve them effectively?
With Android Data Genius, you won’t need to worry about this problem, because it can powerfully scan deleted contacts in Android phone, and recover deleted contacts and messages from Android phone with some simple steps.

Steps to retrieve deleted contacts from SIM card in Android phone

Download Android Data Genius trial version to have a try. Install and run it on Windows 8/7/vista/xp/2008/2003/2000 computer.

Step 1: Connect Android phone to computer with USB cable.

connect Android phone to computer to scan sim card

Step 2: Enable USB debugging of your Android phone.

If USB debugging has not been enabled on your Android phone, please open Android phone, go to Settings - Develop options, and turn on USB debugging.

Step 3: Install driver for your phone on computer.

While computer cannot detect your plugged Android phone successfully, probably there is no driver for your phone on computer. Then you will need to download a driver for your Android phone and install it on computer.

Step 4: Root your android phone to get access privileges.

If you want to run Android Data Genius to scan Android phone smoothly, root android phone should be done to get privileges to access Android phone.  Before root Android phone, you can check whether Android phone has been rooted.

Step 5: Scan deleted contacts from SIM card on your phone.

Now you can run Android Data Genius to scan your Android phone. Then lost contacts and text messages will appear in Android Data Genius screen.

scan and retrieve SIM card deleted contacts

Step 6: Retrieve SIM card deleted contacts for Android phone.

Select contacts and tap Recover button to retrieve SIM card deleted Android contacts. And then choose a folder to save them on computer.

save SIM card deleted contacts

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