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How to Open Control Panel in Windows Server 2012

In previous Windows operational systems, we usually enter Control Panel over Start menu. But unfortunately, when we access Windows server 2012, Start menu is not set in the desktop. So how to start Control Panel in Windows server 2012?

  1. Open Control Panel with Shortcut
  2. Open Control Panel in Start Screen
  3. Access Control Panel from Desktop
  4. Start Control Panel over Run Box
  5. Run Control Panel with Command Prompt
  6. Access Control Panel via Explorer

1. Open Control Panel with Shortcut

Windows + X shortcut is used commonly in Windows 8 and Windows server 2012 to open common Windows programs or tools easily. Press Windows + X on desktop, and click Control Panel to open it.
Tips: Ten Common Shortcuts for Windows Server 2012

open control panel with shortcut

2. Open Control Panel in Start Screen

Press Windows + C and click Start to enter Start screen. Or move mouse to the left bottom side of desktop screen, click “Start” button. On Start screen, you could see Control Panel, click it and open.

open windows server 2012 control panel in start screen

3. Access Control Panel from Desktop

In Windows server 2012 desktop, move mouse to the right upper side of screen, and then click “Settings” button. And then click Control Panel.

access control panel from server 2012 desktop

4. Start Control Panel over Run Dialog Box

Press Windows + R and type following command: shell:ControlPanelFolder or control and then press Enter.

start control panel with Run dialog box

5. Run Control Panel with command prompt

Open Command Prompt first. And use the command control to start the Control-Panel via command prompt.

run windows 2012 control panel with command

6. Access Control Panel via Explorer

Press Windows + E and then type “Control Panel” in address bar and press Enter.

access server 2012 control panel via explorer

The above ways are all available to start Windows server 2012 Control Panel. But if it is on desktop, it would be better? Please see the followings.

How to add Control Panel to Windows server 2012 desktop?

Step 1: Open Control Panel with above methods.

Step 2: In the search box of Control Panel, type “desktop” and press Enter to search.

open windows server 2012 desktop icons settings

Step 3: Click “Show or hide common icons on the desktop” under Display.

Step 4: In Desktop Icon Settings window, select “Control Panel”, click “Apply”.

add control panel icon to server 2012 desktop

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