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3 Methods to Open Math Input Panel in Windows 8

With the help of the Math Input Panel (see picture below) in Windows computer, you are able to write mathematical symbols and formulas. If you are wondering how to open it in Windows 8 computer, this article summarizes 3 common methods for your reference.

Video guide on how to open Math Input Panel in Windows 8:

3 methods to open Math Input Panel in Windows 8:

Method 1: Open it by use of a run command.

Open Run dialog box with Windows+R hotkeys, type MIP (or mip) in the empty box and click OK to open the Math Input Panel.

Method 2: Open it from Apps interface.

Step 1: On the Metro interface, right-click a tile (here referred to Camera) and select All apps on the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Find and tap Math Input Panel in Apps interface.

Method 3: Open it through searching.

Press Windows key and F key at the same time to open the Search bar, input math input panel in the empty box, choose Apps and click Math Input Panel in the results.

Tips: Regarding to this way, you can also directly select Apps on the Search bar and choose Math Input Panel on the left.

Incidentally speaking, if you like none of the three methods above, it is recommended for you to create a shortcut for the MIP on the desktop of your PC.


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