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How to Reset Windows 8 Password without Disk

Forgot Windows 8 password? Without Windows 8 password reset disk? On this occasion, how to reset password on Windows 8 easily and effectively becomes problematic issue. But actually the problem is not difficult as you think even though it looks very difficult, because of two factors. One is the new characteristics of Windows 8 operating system, the other is password recovery software. So it won't take your much energy or time to solve this problem, if you follow this passage to do.

From the new characteristics of Windows 8 system to password recovery software, many methods could be found to reset Windows 8 forgotten or lost password without disk.

Just choose one and put it into practice:

  1. 1. Login Windows 8 via Microsoft Account
  2. 2. Get User Password via Windows Password Hint
  3. 3: Get into computer with PIN code, and reset password for locked account
  4. 4. Reset Windows password with another available admin account
  5. 5. Reset Windows 8 password with iSunshare password tool
  6. 6. Reset login password with iSunshare Password Bundle

1. Login Windows 8 Via Microsoft Account

When your Windows 8 computer is setup to sign in with Microsoft account, now you can change forgotten microsoft account password on Microsoft account password reset page, or take Windows Password Genius Advanced to reset Microsoft account password. Then login Windows 8 with new Microsoft account password.

If your Windows 8 computer is setup to login with local user or admin account, you should take other ways in this article to reset Windows 8 password.

Note: How to Reset Windows 8/10 Microsoft Account Password

2. Get User Password via Windows Password Hint

While you type a wrong password, the password hint will pop up under the password hint box if you have set hint for your Windows 8 password. Based on password hint, probably you could try all possible passwords until find the right one.

This way is worth to try but just a try. It cannot promise to help find out Windows 8 local user and administrator password. In order to improve the success rate, the password hint had better has strong links to password and you can easily think of it.

think of password through password hint

For example, my password hint is email arran06@126.com, and my Windows 8 login password is the same as the password of email. So when the password hint pops up, I could think of Windows login password instantly.

3. Get into computer with PIN code, and reset password for locked account

PIN code is a quick, convenient way to sign in Windows 8/8.1/10 PC with a 4-digit code. If you have ever created one, this may be the simplest and most effective method for Windows 8 password reset. Totally two steps are needed.

Step 1: Sign in Windows 8 with PIN code

When you forgot your local account password in the logon page, sign-in options would be provided for you to choose. Click the Sign-in options, there are two options, Password and PIN. Choose PIN, and type in 4-digit code in the box. Then you can sign in to your computer successfully with administrator.

sign in to Windows 8 with PIN code

Step 2: Press Windows +X, and click on Command Prompt (Admin) and Yes.

enter command prompt confirmation

enter command prompt

Step 3: On the Command Prompt, type in:

Net User <user name> <new password> and press Enter to reset a new password for Windows 8.

reset password with command prompt

Command Prompt screen appears, input the words like the words in the red box, user name is iSunshare, new password is 12345, and then press Enter to complete the Windows password reset process.

4. Reset Windows 8 Password with Another available Admin Account

If there is still another admini account available, everything will be easy. As long as you choose to login Windows 8 with available administrator, then you can reset Windows 8 password with Command Prompt like way 3, or in Computer Management.

Step 1: Enter Computer Management screen.

Right click My Computer to select Manage option. Or press Windows + X to choose Computer Management.

Step 2: Reset password for Windows 8 user account.

Click Local Users and Groups > Users, and right-click the account you want to reset its password, then choose Set Password option in pop-up menu. At last, type in new password for this locked win 8 user account.

reset windows 8 user password

5. Reset Windows 8 password with iSunshare password tool

Why isunshare password tool can reset Windows 8 password? Because it can burn a windows password reset disk for locked computer, instead of one created before computer lock. Therefore, when you have no password reset disk and your Windows 8 computer is locked, the first and most import effort is to create password reset disk with iSunshare Windows password recovery tool, Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Step 1: Download iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced from iSunshare official website. Install and launch it on an accessible computer.

Step 2: Create a Windows 8 password reset disk.

Insert writable USB or CD/DVD into accessible computer and select correct media type(USB device or CD/DVD), then click Begin burning to burn reset disk into the removable device. Until the message "Successfully burning" pops up, windows 8 password reset disk has been created completely.

Reset Win 8 password with isunshare password tool

Step 3: Boot locked Win 8 computer from USB or CD/DVD recovery disk.

After exit password reset disk from available computer and plug it into locked Windows 8 computer, start locked computer and set computer boot from USB drive or CD/DVD ROM.

If you create password reset disk with USB, set computer boot from USB drive.

If password reset disk is burned with CD/DVD ROM, set computer boot from CD ROM.

Step 4: Reset Windows 8 forgotten password.

When computer boots from reset disk successfully and Windows Password Genius Advanced runs, do these.

6. Reset login password with iSunshare Password Bundle

Compared to Windows password recovery software, Password Genius is a more practical and powerful password recovery tool including more functions. It integrates Windows password recovery, office password recovery, and archives file password recovery program etc into one. With the bundle utility of password recovery, besides windows password, you could reset common file password at the same time. Therefore, if you hope to reset Windows 8 password with it, just need to find and run windows password recovery program in it.

Step 1: Download iSunshare Password Genius Advanced and install, launch it on accessible computer.

Step 2: Choose Windows password recovery. It is the program called Windows Password Genius Advanced.

So the next operation is the same as the method 5.

Besides the above password recovery software and methods, free password recovery software is also provided. For example, Ophcrack and Kon-Boot are the best two free Windows password recovery tool.

It’s fast and easy enough for a computer newbie just with a basic knowledge of Windows and computer. Be able to recover forgotten Windows password without access to Windows.

>> Download the free ISO image from website
>> Burn the ISO image to a CD
>> Boot your computer from the CD
>> Ophcrack starts, and Windows user accounts are located and passwords are recovered automatically

In consideration of resetting Windows 8 password easily afterwards when you forget or lose password, some loyal suggestions and tips will provide for you.

  1. Create a Windows 8 password reset disk in advance
  2. Make a good password hint in Windows 8
  3. Create a PIN code when your computer available

All the above tips play an important role in resetting Windows 8 forgotten password though they are simple and easy-to-do. Therefore, rather than trying all means to reset lost Windows 8 password, but not successfully guaranteed, make such preparations for Windows 8 password lost or forgotten is better. But if these preparations have not be created, effective Windows password recovery tool should be your best choice.

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