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Enable and Disable Administrator Account on Windows 8/8.1

A great number of Windows 8 users reflect that they were informed the administrator privilege should be acquired before carrying on when they deleted some applications or made changes to the computer settings, and they have no idea about how to deal with it. On this occasion, the built-in Administrator account, which has the highest administrative permission and is disabled by default for the sake of system security, must be enabled in the computer so that the administrator privilege is endowed. And this article will further introduce two methods to enable and disable Administrator account on Windows 8/8.1 computer.

Video guide on how to enable and disable built-in Administrator in Windows 8:

2 methods to enable and disable Administrator account in Windows 8/8.1:

Method 1: Enable and disable Administrator account in Computer Management.

Step 1: Open the Quick Access Menu with Windows+X hotkeys and select Computer Management in the menu to access it.

Step 2: Find and open Users folder in Computer Management.

The following guidance is helpful in locating the Users folder.

Computer Management (Local)/System Tools/Local Users and Groups/Users

Step 3: Right-click Administrator (the built-in) and choose Properties. Or double-taping it is also available to enter Administrator Properties.

Step 4: In General, uncheck the box before Account is disabled and tap OK to enable the admin account.

Accordingly, to disable the admin account, check the box before Account is disabled and then click OK.

Method 2: Enable and disable Administrator account by Command Prompt.

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as Administrator.

1. Right-click the bottom left corner of desktop to open Quick Access Menu and choose Command Prompt (Admin) in it.

2. In the dialog box of User Account Control, select Yes to move on.

Step 2: Use a command to enable or disable Administrator account.

The command to enable the account is net user administrator /active:yes. So, input it in the window of Administrator: Command Prompt and press Enter to complete it.

In the same way, type net user administrator /active:no and hit Enter to disable the hidden Administrator account.

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