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How to Capture Android Screen with Built-in Function

In the past, probably you cannot directly capture a screen on Android phone. But now all have been changed with the development of Android OS. For example, screen capture feature has been built in Android phone. If you want to take a screenshot, without installing third-party software, just need to know the built-in capture ways on different kinds of Android phones.

The following table has collected screen capture ways of popular Android phones. Hope it help you when you would like to record your Android screen.

Screen capture with built-in function for different Android phones


Hot Keys for Capture

Specific Ways for Capture


Home + Power

1. Capture with user’s hand: Move your hand like a sword from the left to right on Android screen to capture a screenshot.
2. Capture with S Pen: Press S Pen button and hold it on Android screen, and then choose "Capture Edit" in pop-up pie menu. (Especially for Samsung Galaxy Note)


Power + Volume down

Choose "Capture" in drop-down notification bar


Home + Volume down, or Press Power and then Home button



Power + Volume down



Power + Volume down



Home + Power

Super Capture: Press and hold "Home" button about 3 seconds. There will show "Super Capture" in the bottom. Choose Long Screenshots, Screen Record or Gout Screenshots to capture.


Power + Volume down



Power + Volume down

Quick Memo: Slide the screen from the bottom up to top, and you can see semicircle, on the top of which is Quick Memo. Click it to capture.


Power + Volume down

Press and hold on "Recent Apps" key on the bottom of Android screen, and a screenshot is captured.


Power + Volume down

1. Press and hold "Power" button, and you can see an option about "Capture" on Android screen, choose it and take a screenshot.
2. Click the app list at the bottom of Android screen, and there will show a tool there you can click to capture screen.


Home + Power, Power + Volume up



Volume down + Menu

Open drop-down notification bar, choose "Capture" and get a screenshot.


Power + Volume down

Press and hold "Power" button and choose "Capture".

Windows Phone

Power + Win (Windows Phone 8), Power + Volume up (Windows Phone 8.1)



Power + Volume down(Blackberry Priv)



Power + Volume down


1. Take screenshots with combination keys on Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, OPPO:

take screenshots on Android Samsung Huawei HTC etc

2. Take screenshots with hot keys on Vivo, Lenovo, LG, Asus:

take screenshots on Android LG Vivo etc

3. Capture screen on Sony, Meizu, MI, Coolpad, Windows Phone:

capture screen on Android Sony Meizu etc

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