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Perform Factory Reset on Android Phone Locked or Not

How to factory reset android without losing data? First you had better back up data for Android phone when it is accessible. And then make a hard reset on Android device no matter it is locked or available.

In this article, we will take Huawei Honor 6 Plus as an example to introduce how to restore Android phone to factory settings when it is locked or not.

Section 1: How to factory reset available Huawei phone

When Android phone is accessible, restore android to factory settings would be easy for everyone to do.

1. Open Settings on Huawei Android, turn to All tap and choose Backup & reset.

2. Select Factory data reset on Backup & reset window.

3. When Android phone prompts you that which data will be erased from internal storage, confirm Erase internal storage and click Reset phone.

Then android phone will begin to restore phone to factory default settings.

factory reset Huawei Honor 6+

Section 2: How to hard reset locked Huawei phone

In case of forgot password or pattern/PIN unlock on Android device, how can you factory reset phone? Above introductions would not apply to you anymore. If you want to successfully hard reset your Android locked phone, please follow the steps below.

hard reset locked Huawei Android phone

Step 1: When your Huawei Android phone is locked and powered off, press and hold Volume Up and Power button, until you see the Huawei logo and about 10 seconds later, it would enter Recovery mode.

Step 2: In android phone Recovery mode, three options are mainly available for you to choose, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition and reboot system now.

1. wipe data/factory reset

It is set to factory reset Android phone. So select wipe data/factory reset with Volum button and , then choose "yes - delete all data" to restore phone to factory default.

2. wipe cache partition

The second option is used to clearing cache data on Android phone. While you choose wipe cache partition with Volum button and confirm "yes - wipe cache", all cache data on Android phone will be wiped out.

3. reboot system now

Return back to beginning screen and choose reboot system now. Confirm it and start android phone. Now locked Android phone has been reset to factory settings.

When would you need to factory reset Android phone?

1. Wipe Android phone in order to get a clean Android system.

2. Android phone cannot start up successfully, after installing apps or any other wrong operations. Factory reset could help to restore Android phone to default settings. Surely the wrong Android settings can be erased.

3. When Android phone is locked and there is no other ways to unlock it, you can restore it to factory default. Even though factory reset is not the best way to unlock Android phone, it still could make locked phone accessible again at any time. However, taking it into consideration doesn’t mean how it is safe for locked phone. Before restoring phone to default settings, please think about whether you mind all the android data will be erased after factory reset.

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