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Fast Boot Option – Turn On or Turn Off?

I heard that there is a Fast Boot option under the Power settings in Android phone. What is the function of the Fast Boot? Should I turn it on or turn it off? Here let’s talk about the Fast Boot option in Android phone.

Fast Boot option in Android

What is Fast Boot?

Just as its name implies, fast boot is to start up and shut down phone quickly. It uses low-power sleep mode only to supply power to the memory, and then achieves fast boot. Now Android phones with over version 4 generally have this feature.

Fast Boot is mainly to increase start-up speed of phone, but there is a disadvantage that when you turn off your phone, the background programs are still opened just like a computer into standby mode and they can’t be closed even though you restart the phone, which will cause a lot of power consumption.

Now let's do a test:

When you turn on Fast Boot option -

Shutdown – takes 4 seconds – (vibrates after 2 seconds) – Startup – takes 3 seconds.

Above is the test result of phone on-off time after turning on fast boot option. When you tick the fast boot option, your phone can boot up in few seconds if you don’t remove the battery from the phone. This is because in this situation, your phone in shutdown state is actually a standby state, similar to the sleep mode of computer.

When you turn off Fast Boot option -

Shutdown – takes 6 seconds – (vibrates after 4 seconds) – Startup – takes 26 seconds.

Above is the test result of phone on-off time after turning off fast boot option.

If you take down battery to change fast boot from on to off :

Turn on Fast Boot - Shutdown – takes 5 seconds – (vibrates after 6 seconds) – Remove battery – Install battery – Startup – takes 30 seconds – End.

From the test result above, we can learn that if we take down the battery from the phone or the phone battery is completely wore out, the fast boot function will become disabled and it will take 30 seconds to 1 minute to boot up phone.


Fast boot itself is not bad. Fast boot make your phone not deeply shut down; that is to say, some background programs are still running behind when you turn on the fast boot option, which is the reason why your phone start up so quickly. In other words, even if your phone is in the power-off state, it is still consuming power. What’s more, if you set the Fast Boot option on, you need to unplug the battery so that you can enter the recovery mode when there is a problem with your phone. Once you take out battery and reboot again, your phone boots as slowly as the normal.

In conclusion:
1. Fast Boot can make your phone start up so quickly but the power consumption will increase in the shutdown state, so it is best to close at intervals.
2. In addition, this function does not damage your phone hardware, but for a long time to open, the phone will slow down.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fast Boot are given here, so to turn it on or to turn it off, it is entirely up to you.

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