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What to Do if My Android Phone Runs Slowly

My Android phone ran as fast as a rocket when I first got it. After a period of usage, I found it slowed down quite a bit. What happened? Why is my phone so slow? What to do if my Android phone runs slowly? If you have such questions please read this article.

Why does your Android phone run slowly?
-- Reason: Insufficient memory

Phone memory has two kinds: one kind is the internal storage space, which is the built-in SD card used to install the software; and the other one refers to the running memory, determining the speed of operation for mobile phone.

The main reason why Android phone slows down is that there is not enough memory. The more apps running in the background or garbage files created by excessive apps, the less memory is, and the more slowly phone runs.

Actually, this is a common problem for Android phone. Hence, you needn’t worry too much. Then I will tell you the solution below.

How to make your phone faster?

There could be some measures to speed up your Android phone.

Solution 1: Eight Tips to Free Up Phone Memory

  1.  Tip 1: Avoid using dynamic wallpaper
  2. Dynamic wallpaper is very interesting, but it will take up some memory. To make your Android phone run smoothly, it is recommended to change the live wallpaper to a static one.

    set Android wallpaper

    Execute operations: Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper.

  1. Tip 2: Use less widgets
  2. You may put some widgets such as weather, calendar or map onto your phone desktop in order that you can see what you want to know when you open the phone. These widgets plugged into the phone desktop, however, occupy the phone’s memory. So, if you rarely use them, remove them from your home screen, and then you will find your Android phone boots and runs fast a lot.

    remove Android widgets

    Execute operations: Long press the needless widget 2-3 seconds, drag it to the top rubbish bin.

  3. Tip 3: Deny some apps the right to start automatically
  4. Some software with boot function not only affects the boot speed of phone but also use memory. You can manually select which application to be allowed to auto-start based on your own need.

    android auto-start management

    Execute operations: Security -> Permission -> Auto-start management.

  1. Tip 4: Don’t open too many applications at the same time
  2. Applications to be opened simultaneously will continuously run in the background, using a large quantity of system resources as well as consuming energy. It is suggested that we exit the application rather than have it run in the background process after using it.

    exit app

    Tips: Some apps will continue to occupy our precious memory though we shut down it consciously, then we need to manually pull out of it.

    stop background process

    Execute operations: Settings -> Apps -> Running, select the Running app to Stop.

  1. Tip 5: Clear cached data
  2. Most users directly press Home button instead of correct exit when they finish using apps, which creates large cached data over time. Regularly clearing out-of-date cache is useful to speed up your Android phone.

    clear Android cached data

    Execute operations: Settings -> Apps, select one app to Clear cache.

  1.  Tip 6: Uninstall unnecessary apps
  2. Many times we download such unnecessary applications which are just used one or two times. Their background services still take up a lot of resources like CPU, memory as well as storage space, even though you no longer use them. It would be good to uninstall these apps to make room for phone memory.

    uninstall unnecessary apps

    Execute operations: Settings -> Apps, select the unnecessary app to Uninstall.

  1.  Tip 7: Clean storage space
  2. Many users have the habit of holding messages and call logs, hardly realizing that this is also a reason for the slow response of our Android phone. If your Android phone keeps many files you don't need, such as pictures downloaded from the web, screenshots shared to your friends, videos have been watched and so on, please delete them without hesitation. For too much storage space can affect phone performance.

    explorer icon

    Execute operations: open Explorer to delete your redundant files.

  1. Tip 8: Restart your device
  2. Some junk files generated during usage cannot be completely cleaned up even with the help of the third party software. Therefore, rebooting your slow Android phone would be a good way to release resources when it got stuck.

    restart Android phone

    Execute operations: Long press Sleep key to Reboot.

Solution 2: Boot your device into safe mode

Safe mode refers to a kind of mode in which all third party apps are disabled but the default programs work. This mode can’t solve the problem directly but it helps you check if the problem of phone slowing down is caused by a third party app. If your phone runs so well in this mode, it means that there must be one of the apps installed on your phone as the root of the problem. So your next action is to try uninstalling the probable apps one by one until you find the problematic one.

Execute operations: The method of starting your phone into safe mode varies depending on your device model, for more information, you can see Safe Mode on Android.

Solution 3: Root / Factory reset

  1. 1. Root
  2. Root authority is equivalent to the super administrator privilege in the Windows system. Root access to the Android phone will have the highest level of operating privileges on the system files. Some preloaded software that we don't want to use but can't delete now can be completely uninstalled after we got the root privilege. This could make a benefit to freeing up memory.

    However, it is risky to root your phone. Rooting your phone:
    1. May turn your phone into a brick.
    2. May make your phone easily infected with the virus.
    3. May result in system problems.
    4. May void your warranty.

    For security purposes, root is not recommended. Root your device only if you are aware of the risks and know the right procedure. Just play it safe when you do it!

    Execute operations: please see How to Root Android Phone.

  1. 2. Perform a factory reset
  2. Resetting your Android phone to factory settings is the last option to consider when you fail to solve the problem using the solution 1&2. You know this decision will make your phone back to the original look. It also means that you will lose all data in your phone even all the message, contacts will be gone unless you put them on the cloud. So make sure that you back up the important data before you factory reset your device.

    factory reset Android phone

    Execute operations: Settings -> Reset phone, choose Local backups or Factory data reset.

Hope that the above methods could clarify your confusion and make your Android phone faster.


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