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How to Move or Copy APK File to /System/App with RE

Follow this guide to move apk file of app you want to make it system app, to /system/app folder. Then you just need to change its permissions by yourself, the app would become system app. In this article, we will introduce how to copy APK file to system folder with Root Explorer.

Steps to move APK from local sdcard to /system/app with RE

Step 1: Download and install Root Explorer on your Android phone.


Step 2: Run RE and go to Storage/data in Android phone to look for apk file of the app.

copy APK file of user app in RE

Steo 3: Cut or copy the apk file of the application you want to convert to system app.

Step 4: Navigate to /system/app.

locate /system/app in Root Explorer

Step 5: Paste APK file in /system/app.

move APK file of user app to /system/app

If you want to convert the app to system app, you just need to change its permissions now.

1. Long press the APK file and click Permissions.

2. Set the permissions as rw-r--r--, if you don't know what they are set them as I have done in the screenshots I have attached.

3. Reboot Android phone.

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