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How to Reset Windows Server 2008 Administrator Password on HP ProLiant Computer

Do you know how to reset Windows Server 2008 administrator password on HP ProLiant computer? If you have interest in this question, we will introduce the minute process of resetting password by use of iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced which is a powerful and effective password recovery utility tool.

Steps to reset Windows Server 2008 administrator password on HP ProLiant computer:

Step 1: Download iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced from in another computer and install it.

Step 2: Create a password reset disk by USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Taking creating a recovery disk by USB device as example, this step covers 4 sub steps below.

1. Choose USB device by a simple click.


2. Insert an USB device, and then hit Begin burning.

3. Click Yes as a warning prompts.


4. Tap OK when the following screen appears.


Step 3: Boot the HP ProLiant computer from the USB password reset disk.

Note: How to set computer boot from USB drive

1. Insert the USB device into the HP ProLiant computer and start it.

2. After pressing start button of the computer, immediately and continuously press boot option key F9 on the laptop or F12 for the desktop until the BIOS Utility screen shows.

3. Choose the name (model number) of the USB device in the Boot Menu, and press Enter.

4. Press F10 and Enter to save the changes and exit.


Step 4: Reset the password to the administrator and reboot the computer. That is, step 4 must be completed through the following 2 procedures.

1. As the following screen automatically pops up, select a Windows and an administrator you want to reset its password, then click Reset Password and set a new password to the administrator.


2. Choose Reboot and hit Yes to eject the recovery disk and reboot the computer.


After resetting password by following all the above steps, you can log in your HP ProLiant computer with new password. So we can make a conclusion that iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced is a real handy and helpful software which is worth using.

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