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How to Get Access to Blocked Websites on Laptop or PC

Sometimes, we probably find websites are blocked when we wish to access them. This would make us annoyed if these websites has to be opened immediately and eagerly. So at this time or before this happens, it is necessary to learn how to access blocked websites. Therefore, the article below introduces some usual ways for […]

Delete File Another Program Is Using

Have you ever confronted with a situation that you could not successfully delete a file in your PC because aother program was using it? Even when you just enter the Windows system, you may face such a problem. So what can you do to deal with it? For your convenience, 7 methods to delete an […]

UEFI Terms

UEFI is short for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface which is the interface between the operating system and the platform firmware. And the UEFI BIOS has become increasingly popular because of its advantages comparing with legacy BIOS. Consequently, with the purpose of learning UEFI BIOS well, you need to learn its related terms first. So the […]


How to Change SATA Controller Mode

“Recently, I installed Windows XP in my PC whose hard disk mode is AHCI, but a blue screen of death showed up. What can I do now?” A friend put forward this question. Before knowing the solution to the problem, you need to learn the relationship between operating systems and SATA/AHCI mode. Generally speaking, operating […]

How to Judge the Stand or Fall of A Website or Webpage

With the development of the times, the Internet plays a more and more significant role in our life. In the meantime, countless websites and webpages spring up in the Internet and wait for our visiting. However, not all of them are worth visiting due to various kinds of reasons. Consequently, in this article, several conditions […]

Which Microsoft Office 2013 Version is Most Suitable for You?

It is known to all that Microsoft Office 2013 is very helpful in our working life as well as ordinary life. Meanwhile, the Office 2013 contains various versions, including Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013, Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013, Microsoft Office Professional 2013, Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium and so forth. Among these versions, […]