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Top iTunes Backup Password Recovery Tool for Mac

iTunes backup password recovery tool

For iOS users, most of them get used to set a password to protect the data when they backup the important data through iTunes. It is essential to keep in mind of the iTunes backup password in that it is different from the iTunes password and Apple account password. When you forgot it or enter […]


Smartphone: The Higher mAh The Better? How to Improve Battery Life?

how to improve smartphone battery life

With the enlargement of smartphone screen, the battery getting larger than before. So far, a majority of latest released smartphone battery capacity has exceeded 3000mAh. As we know, current variety applications, especially mobile games, consume a lot of power. Is it better to choose a smartphone battery with a higher mAh? How to improve battery […]

iPhone & iPad: Is It Worth to Upgrade to IOS 12? What is changed?


Some time ago, Apple released the annual operating system upgrade – IOS 12. It will make your device more fluency and intelligent. Let’s see what are new features and learn how to upgrade to IOS 12 or downgrade from IOS 12. IOS 12 New Features 1. Performance IOS 12 will improve your device as old […]

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How to Unencrypt iPhone Backup with/without Password

No matter you want to restore iPhone from encrypted iTunes backup, or extract data from iTunes backup, the backup should be unencrypted at first. How to unencrypt iPhone backup with password? If you have iTunes backup password, just type it when asked to unlock iTunes backup in iTunes or in other cases. How to unencrypt […]

How to Delete iTunes Backup File on Mac or Windows PC

Once your iPhone/iPad/iPod etc iOS devices connect to Mac or Windows, the iTunes will automatically back up your devices data and save the backup in the default location, the system hard disk. So as you see, if you usually connect your iOS devices to computer, lots of iTunes backup will be created and most of […]

How to Reduce iOS Data Loss after Update or Factory Reset

Each update and factory reset has its good and bad sides. While we decide to fix some problems by updating our iOS devices to newer iOS version, or restoring iPhone/iPad/iPod to factory settings, we should realize that iOS data would be lost. However, it is not what we hope to see and we don’t expect […]


How to Remove iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup Data from iCloud Storage

How to manage your iCloud storage if you reach or exceed your storage limit? Upgrade or change iCloud storage plan and reduce the amount of storage you are using, are two ways to manage iCloud storage. And by choosing which apps and backups to store in iCloud drive, you can move or delete documents, photos, […]

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How to Free Up Storage on iPhone or iPad

Have your iPhone or iPad storage been mostly used? If it has, it’s time to free up storage on your iPhone or iPad. Now the article shows several ways you can free up iPhone space. 1. Check iPhone storage and uninstall app Go to Settings – General – Usage in iPhone, you can see how […]


How to Remove iPhone Personal Data and App Documents and Data

Why we have to remove data from iPhone? Clear documents and data on iPhone to free up space. Clean up iPhone before selling it or sending to other people. Which data do you want to remove from iPhone? Which data would you like to remove from iPhone, personal data, documents and data, or all of […]

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Lost or Deleted Data Recovery

iPhone 6 and 6 plus data recovery with backup and software will be introduced in this article. So when your iPhone data lost or delete, just follow the article and you can recover iPhone lost or deleted data effectively. Part 1: Recover iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Data with Backup Part 2: Restore iPhone 6 […]

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