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Windows Password

4 Ways to Reset Windows Live ID Forgotten Password

What is a Windows Live ID? It is an ID composed from an email address and password, which you can use to login to most Microsoft websites or services (Hotmail, Xbox Live, SkyDrive and Messenger, Zune), get access to Windows 8/10 features(Skydrive and APP Store), and sign in Windows 10/8.1/8 computer while it is also […]

How to Create a Windows 10/8/7 Installation Media with USB or CD

Follow the article, and you would learn how to create installation media or disc step by step for Windows 10/8/7 with writable USB flash drive or CD on an accessible computer. How to create Windows 7 installation disc How to create Windows 8/8.1 installation media How to create Windows 10 installation media Why we create […]

Lenovo Tablet Windows 8.1/10 Password Reset without Disk

Forgot Lenovo tablet Windows 8.1/10 password and no available reset disk? If your Lenovo Windows 8.1/10 tablet login user is Microsoft account, then password reset disk would be not so important, because you can reset forgotten Microsoft account password on Microsoft website to login Lenovo tablet. If Lenovo tablet login user is local user account […]


How to Bypass HP Laptop Administrator Password to Login

Forgot HP laptop administrator password and locked out of HP laptop? Whether it means you cannot access HP laptop after that? Surely it doesn’t. Besides the forgotten administrator password, other sign-in options, and other local or Microsoft account are also available for Windows 10 laptop login, as long as you have created or owned them. […]

How to Remove Login Password from Dell Precision Windows 7/10 Laptop/PC

How can I reset or remove Dell Precision forgotten login password on Windows 7/10 laptop or PC? When you still remember the login password and you want to reset it, you could follow the two articles to see how to reset dell login password. How to recover login password for Dell Vostro laptop  How to […]

Chntpw Doesn’t Find Windows after Boot Computer

Chntpw doesn’t find Windows after boot computer from Chntpw disk. I have ever tried Chntpw boot disk to reset Windows 7 password successfully. But now I have tried several times, it is still fail. How can I do to reset my Windows 7 password? Is there any way effective for Windows password reset? I need […]

How to Create a Password Reset Disk Boot CD or USB Disk

We know Windows password reset disk could be created with two ways, Windows system Control Panel and Windows Password Genius. And in this passage we would discuss how to use two kinds of drive, bootable CD and USB, to create password reset disk. How to Create a Password Reset Disk Boot CD How to Create […]

NT Password Reset Disk for Windows 7/8 Forgotten Password Reset

Forgot administrator password on the computer which is installed with Windows 7 and Windows 8 at the same time? Or do you want to recover Windows 7 password on HP computer and reset Windows 8 password on Acer laptop? Does NT password reset disk work for Windows 7 and Windows 8 password reset? Windows NT […]

Windows Password Boot Disk Reset Password and Create Users

My computer says my password is incorrect, but I don’t have password reset disk. I have ever heard that Windows Password Boot Disk could reset system password. Is that true? The answer is absolutely sure. But such Windows password boot disk has to be created with password recovery tool, Windows Password Genius. On available computer, […]


How to Recover Login Password for Dell Vostro Laptop

“ I’ve set a password to my Dell Vostro laptop, but I’m afraid of forgetting it one day. Is there any way to recover it if I forgot it? Can anybody help me?” A friend asked such a question. With the purpose of solving the problem, this article recommends 2 effective ways to recover login […]

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