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How to Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod from Lost and Encrypted iTunes Backup

Are you preparing to restore iPhone/iPad/iPod from backup? But find their backup files on computer have been lost? Morever, the lost iTunes backup file has been encrypted with unknown or forgotten password?  

So how to solve this problem that looks complicated? Let’s decompose it first and find solution in three easy parts.

Part 1: Recover Lost iTunes Backup File

If you want to restore iPhone/iPad/iPod from lost iTunes backup, the first step is surely to recover lost iTunes backup file. So that iOS data would not be lost after restoration.

Now free iSunshare Data Genius will give you a best try if backup file is lost because of following possible reasons.

  1. 1. Deleted accidently from computer hard drive or partition.
  2. 2. Formatted the partition or hard disk where iTunes backup file stored.
  3. 3. iTunes backup file is attacked by virus.

Steps to Recover Lost iTunes Backup File with Data Genius:

Step 1: Install iSunshare Data Genius on your computer and run.

Step 2: Choose one data recovery option according to data lost reason, such as "Deleted Recovery". Click Next.

Step 3: Select C drive and scan the hard drive partition.

choose target partition to find lost iTunes backup file

Step 4: After all files have been scanned and appear in left pane of window, browse and find lost backup files.

browse lost iTunes backup file in partition

Step 5: Choose them and click Recover button.

recover lost iTunes backup file successfully

Instantly, iPhone backup file would be recovered and saved in one partition you choose.

Part 2: Recover Encrypted iTunes Backup Password

After lost iTunes backup file is recovered, we could find it still keep encrypted with password we don’t know. If we want to restore iDevice from encrypted backup, password is needed to unlock iTunes backup first.

So now let's recover encrypted iTunes backup password with iTunes password recovery tool.

1. On Mac, please get iTunes Password Genius for Mac and follow its user guide to do.

2. On Windows computer, please use iTunes Password Genius trial or full version and follow steps below.

Step 1: Install and run iTunes Password Genius on Windows computer.

Step 2: Click Open button in the top menu of window. A new window would appear then with default iTunes backup file.

open encrypted iTunes backup file

We can click OK to directly choose it when we are sure. If not, please click Add File button and go to backup file location. Then select the right backup file and open it in iTunes Password Genius "Encrypted File" box.

add encrypted iTunes backup

Step 3: Make settings for encrypted iTunes backup password recovery type.

Choose one password attack type from "Type of attack" drop-down box. And make detailed and optimized settings for it.

Step 4: Recover encrypted backup file password for iOS device.

Click Start button and wait for iTunes backup password recovery program running to check all possible passwords based on attack settings. Until it finds a password that can open encrypted iTunes backup, the password would be popped up and tell you it is the iTUnes backup password you need to recover.

recover encrypted iTunes backup password successfully

Part 3: Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod from Encrypted iTunes Backup

It is time to restore iPhone/iPad/iPod from encrypted iTunes backup now after successful iTunes backup password recovery.

Step 1: Connect iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer. And its general information would appear in iTunes on computer.

Step 2: Click Restore Backup, and a dialog would ask you to type a password to unlock iOS backup.

restore iPhone/iPad/iPod from encrypted iTunes backup

Enter password and click OK. Then process of iPhone/iPad/iPod restoration would start. Until it is completed, iDevice would restart and update data on them.

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