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Three Ways to Remove iPhone iTunes Backup Password

Do you want to stop encrypting iPhone backup automatically when syncing iPhone to computer in iTunes? Then you will need to remove iPhone backup password.

Here three ways will be introduced to remove iPhone backup password in following passage.

  1. Way 1: Uncheck "Encrypt iPhone backup" in iTunes
  2. Way 2: Remove iPhone Backup Password after Password Recovery
  3. Way 3: Remove iPhone Backup Default Password by Deleting iPhone Backup

Way 1: Uncheck "Encrypt iPhone backup" in iTunes

When you remember iPhone iTunes backup password, it will be easy to remove password for iPhone backup.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.

Step 2: While iTunes opens automatically and you see the iPhone name in the top-right side of iTunes window, click your iPhone name to check its backup information.

Step 3: Go to Backups part, uncheck "Encrypt iPhone backup" or "Encrypt local backup". When a pop-up dialog asks you to enter password to unlock iPhone backup, just enter it and click OK.

remove iPhone backup password

From then on, password will be removed from iPhone backup when you back up iPhone via iTunes, unless you change the backup password.

Way 2: Remove Forgotten iPhone Backup Password after Password Recovery

If iPhone backup password is forgotten or lost, the first way would not help you. As you know, you should know the backup password, so that you can successfully remove iPhone backup password in iTunes. So the most important thing now is to recover forgotten iTunes backup password for iPhone. If you have no idea, effective utility iSunshare iTunes Password Genius worths a try at anytime on both Windows and Mac.

Step 1: Install iTunes Password Genius on your Windows computer and run it.

recover iPhone backup password and remove it

Step 2: Add newest iPhone backup into password recovery tool with Open button.

Why we have to add newest iPhone backup password into backup password recovery tool?

If you have ever backed up iPhone in iTunes, you would know the password you used to encrypt backup last time is the default password for iTunes backup now. So in order to remove iPhone backup password, you should remove the password of latest iPhone iTunes backup.

Step 3: Choose and set password attack type for iPhone backup.

Step 4: Recover iPhone backup default password with Start button.

Step 5: Tick "Encrypt iPhone backup" and type recovered iPhone backup password in pop-up dialog. Click OK to make sure removing iPhone iTunes backup password.

Note: If you want to change iPhone iTunes backup password later, just need to click "Change Password" to set a new password in iTunes when you back up iPhone.

Way 3: Remove iPhone Default Backup Password by Deleting iPhone iTunes Backup

When iTunes backup is deleted, backup password will be deleted at the same time. So if you don't care or need the iPhone backup, choosing to delete iPhone backup is an option in order to remove iPhone backup default password.

How to delete existing iPhone backup in iTunes?

When iPhone is connected to computer, go to Edit > Preferences > Devices. Select the file you want to delete and click "Delete Backup".

delete iPhone backup to remove backup password

About details, please refer to the second way of How to Disable iPhone Backup Forgotten Password.

After that, uncheck option "Encrypt iPhone backup" in iTunes and click "Back Up Now" to back up iPhone, no password will be used to encrypt iPhone iTunes backup. You will be able to restore iPhone from the iTunes backup without password.

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