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How to Retrieve iPhone Deleted Text Messages after Factory Reset

Restoring iOS device to factory settings will erase all contents and settings from them. So as to iPhone. However, sometimes we need to factory reset iPhone but would like to keep text messages or other data at the same time. How can can we do? Or how can we retrieve iPhone deleted text messages after factory reset?

1. Retrieve iPhone deleted text messages with backup directly

restore iPhone after factory reset

After iPhone factory reset, you can follow Setup Assistant to set up your device as new or use a previous backup. Surely, if you know deleted text messages have been backed up and contained in which backup, you can directly restore iPhone text messages from iTunes or iCloud backup.

However, at most of time, we cannot sure whether iTunes backup or iCloud backup includes lost iPhone text messages. So how do I retrieve iPhone text messages without backup directly?

At this moment, scanning iOS device or iTunes backup with iOS Data Genius would be more effective. Such iPhone data recovery tool can check if text messages are in iTunes backup and help you to only extract deleted iPhone text messages from backup

2. Retrieve deleted iPhone text messages with iOS Data Genius

We also could call this way "not directly recover iPhone text messages from backup".

Step 1: Install and run iOS Data Genius on computer.

Dedicated to iOS data recovery, iOS Data Genius provides two data recovery modes to recover lost or deleted data from iTunes backup when iOS device is not jailbreaked. One asks you to connect your iOS device to computer, the other doesn’t.

Step 2: Choose data recovery mode and decide whether connect iPhone to computer.

Recover from iOS Device and Recover from iTunes Backup File are two data recovery mode in iOS Data Genius. When you choose the first one, it would prompt you to connect iPhone to computer; when you choose the second one, don’t need to plug iPhone into computer.

choose recovery mode for iPhone after factory reset

Step 3: Scan iPhone or selected iTunes backup file for iPhone.

scan iTunes backup for iPhone deleted text messages

Step 4: Preview iPhone deleted text messages in backup.

On the left side, you could see iPhone data in backup. Click one of them, and preview the details in the right side. Now click Messages to preview iPhone text messages. While you find your deleted text messages are not in chosen backup, please click Home button and navigate to interface where you can choose another iTunes backup again. Then go on to scan iTunes backup and preview messages.

preview text messages in iTunes backup

Step 5: Select iPhone text messages to recover and save on computer.

5-1 Select text messages after your careful preview and check, and click Recover button.

5-2 In new dialog, browse or create a new folder to save deleted text messages on computer. Click OK.

retrieve iPhone deleted text messages and save on computer

5-3 Recover successfully message pops up and deleted iPhone text messages have been retrieved. Now click OK to go to folder you choose for saving recovered iPhone messages, and you can see messages and related contacts information.

successfully retrieve deleted text messages iPhone after factory reset


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