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How to Open Password Protected RAR File without Password

Can I open password protected winrar file without password? My WinRAR file password has been lost, and it has been ever been encrypted automatically. I can hardly remind me of the rar file password now.

Actually, no matter which matter you met, I think the most effective way is to get RAR file password when you cannot open password protected rar file without password. For example, powerful password recovery tool RAR Password Genius could easily help you find out RAR password.

Open Password Protected RAR File with RAR Password Genius

This way could help people who encounter the problem to easily recover password protected .rar file password, which could open encrypted RAR file. Nothing else need to say more, just go to see how does RAR Password Genius helps to open password protected .rar file without knowing password.

Step 1: Prepare RAR Password Genius on computer.

Download RAR Password Genius and install it on your computer. Then run it after installation.

It is worth to pay attention that there are two editions of RAR Password Genius that could recover RAR file password. So if you think your RAR file password is simple, you can take Standard version. If not, RAR Password Genius Professional seems to work better. Now we will get RAR Password Genius Standard and show how to open encrypted rar file with it.

Step 2: Add password protected RAR/WinRAR file into it.

While RAR Password Genius runs on your computer, you have two ways to add the password protected RAR file into it, and it would appear in Encrypted File box.

add password protected winrar file

Way 1: Click Open button on toolbar to browse encrypted RAR file on computer, choose it and add to RAR Password Genius.

open botton on RAR Password Genius toolbar

first way to add winrar file into rar password recovery tool

Way 2: Click File tab on menu and choose Open File option. In "Open File" window, you could find encrypted WinRAR file on your computer. Select it and click "Open" button at the bottom of the window to import into "Encrypted File" box.

second way to add password protected winrar file

Step 3: Select RAR password attack type.

Four kinds of recovery attack are shown when you click Type of attack. According to your situation, select the best for you. If you have no idea, just select "Brute-force". It can crack all possible passwords to check whether they can open your password protected .rar file. What's more, if you want to save password recovery time, you can specify the round password range and length.

select winrar file password attack type

About more other password attack type settings, see here: How to set password recovery attack

Step 4: Recover password protected .rar file password.

Click Start button on toolbar to run rar password recovery program, whick will automatically recover RAR/WinRAR file password. If there is nothing wrong, instantly, you would see RAR file password shown in pop-up new window.

recover password protected winrar file password

Step 5: Open password protected .rar file.

Opt 1: On new window, Copy the password and click Open button. While you are trying to open the .rar file, password enter dialog appears. Paste the password you just got to open password protected .rar file.

Opt 2: On new window, Copy the recovered password, and click Open button. While you want to open files saved in encrypted RAR file, a dialog would pop up, where you can enter password to open the password protected file.

open password protected winrar file

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