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How to Unlock ZIP/Winzip/7zip File without Password

ZIP file is usually used in our daily life and work. And at most of time, setting a password to restrict editing on zip file is common too in purpose of archive security. However, if zip/winzip/7zip open password lost and you don't save, how can you unlock ZIP file to edit zip archive again?

Follow this passage and take two utilities to unlock password protected zip file without password.

  1. Unlock Password Protected ZIP File with iSunshare ZIP Password Genius
  2. Unlock Password Protected ZIP File with NSIS

Unlock password protected ZIP file with ZIP Password Genius

Maybe there is not only one way available to unlock password protected zip file. But when you take efficiency and security into consideration, not all zip password recovery tools meets the requirements. Fortunately, ZIP Password Genius meets the requirements and is easy to use. Therefore, please take ZIP Password Genius to unlock zip file while zip file password lost.

Step 1: Recover ZIP file lost password with ZIP Password Genius.

ZIP Password Genius used in this step is Standard version. If you need faster zip password recovery speed, ZIP Password Genius Professional can help you, because it can make full use of all accessible computers in LAN for zip file lost password recovery.

find zip file lost password

<1> Get ZIP Password Genius and install it on your computer.

<2> Run the ZIP password recovery tool and import password protected zip file.

Double-click zip password recovery tool to run. Then click Open button on ZIP Password Genius to import locked ZIP file. Instantly, you can see the locked zip file in the "Encrypted File" box.

<3> Choose appropriate zip file password recovery type to recover zip file password.

Four attack types are provided to choose. According to features of your lost zip file password, choose Brute-Force, Mask, Dictionary or Smart attack. Every attack type has its features and setting parameters. For example, when you choose Mask as zip password attack method, you have to set "Mask". And this parameter could largely lift zip password recovery speed. If you have no idea to choose which one, just select Brute-Force.

<4> Click Start to recover lost zip password.

When you make sure all the above have been set up, click Start to begin recover zip password. Few seconds later, zip file lost open password will appear in front of you following a new window pops up.

Step 2: Unlock password protected ZIP file with recovered password.

When you see a new window pops up with recovered zip file password, you have two choices.

<1> Copy zip lost password and save it on safe location.

<2> Open or unlock locked ZIP file with recovered password.

unlock zip file

Just Copy recovered zip password and click Open button on above dialog, and enter password to unlock password protected zip file in default compression software, such as WinRAR.

How to unlock password protected zip file with NSIS?

Maybe you have found NSIS that can free unlock password protected zip file. Now let's learn how to use it to unlock zip file after password lost.

1. Install NSIS on your computer and run it.

2. Click "Installer based on ZIP" on NSIS.

choose compile on NSIS to unlock zip file

3. Click Open button and navigate to the path of the password protected zip file, and import file into the ZIP2EXE. Then click Browse button next to "Output EXE File", choose a path to save the exe file that will generate. Click on Generate button at last.

convert encrypted zip file to sfx exe file

4. After an exe file is generated, close the ZIP2EXE dialog.

exe file converted from zip file with NSIS

5. Turn to the location where you save the generated exe file. Double click the exe file and click Install button to install it on computer.

install exe file to unlock zip file

When the installation is completed, password protected zip file will be automatically unlocked. And you can open it without password.

However, probably you find it cannot successfully unlock zip file sometimes or cannot get contents from zip archive after unlocking ZIP file with NSIS. If these happen, it means you have failed. Now please take more effective and safer ZIP Password Genius instead of NSIS to unlock password protected zip file.

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