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Why Cannot Login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication Mode

As is known, there are two ways to login into Microsoft Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014, Windows Authentication Mode and SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode. But we always hear that computer users couldn’t access SQL Server successfully with Windows Authentication mode after SQL Server installation.

Why user failed to login into SQL Server using Windows Authentication mode? This passage will list the possible reasons.

Reason 1: Mixed Authentication Mode Has not Been Chosen

Mixed Authentication Mode has not been chosen in the process of SQL Server installation.

If it is this reason that lead to unsuccessful access to SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, access SQL Server Management Studio and change SQL Server authentication mode to SQL Server Mixed Authentication mode.

select SQL Server Mixed Authentication Mode

Reason 2: Windows Identity Permissions

Because of no Windows identity permissions, we couldn't access SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode.

When you install Windows operational system on your computer, such as Windows 7, you would be asked to type user name. This is actually the personalized settings for user name. Now when we encounter the SQL Server logon problem, we need to reenter user name.

create new SQL Server logon user

Login into SQL Server with SA account and password, and then create new logon name. Click Search and type user name in search box and click OK.

set SQL Server new login user name

Reason 3: Windows Administrator Account is Disabled

Right click Computer and choose Manage. Right-click Administrator user in Local Users and Groups, and select Properties. Uncheck Account is disabled.

enable Windows identity permissions

Reason 4: Windows Logon User is Deleted

Or SA account is disabled in SQL Server, when server authentication mode is Windows Authentication mode. But Windows logon user is deleted and no other logon user in sysadmin group.

The direct way is to reinstall SQL Server database Master. And the more complicated way is to enter SQL Server with single user mode. Choose which one according to your will.

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