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How to Change Asus Windows 8 Password on Desktop/Laptop/Tablet

Is there a way to change Asus Windows 8 password on desktop/laptop/tablet at the same time?


As we know, Windows 8 provides four logon passwords. How to create and use Windows 8 password is not a tough thing. But how to change Asus desktop/laptop/tablet logon password based on the features of Windows 8?

When you could login with local administrator account, change Asus Windows 8 password is easy. Just enter Settings - Change PC Settings – Users, in that interface, Change your password, Change picture password, and Change PIN are listed for choice. Or if you can sign in to Windows 8 with Microsoft account, other three passwords could be changed or reset too. On this occasion, change Windows 8 password is not difficult to do.

change windows 8 password

However, if you couldn't login Windows 8 with any accounts and password, how to change four kinds of Windows 8 password for Asus PC or tablet? The following passage would introduce a Windows password recovery tool, Windows Password Genius Advanced, which would help you to crack Windows 8 password, and then you can change other passwords.

Steps to change Windows 8 password on Asus desktop/laptop/tablet

Step 1: Get a password recovery tool, Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Install it on another computer and run it to prepare for burning a password reset disk.

Step 2: Find a blank USB device or CD and insert into computer as password reset disk burning device.

Step 3: Choose USB device as the certain burning device and click Begin burning.

Step 4: When you see a message Burning Successfully, click OK and exit USB device.

Now the USB device has taken with a password reset disk. You can use it to crack Windows 8, also you can say reset Windows 8 local account or Microsoft account password.

Step 5: Plug password reset disk into Asus desktop/laptop/tablet, set it boot from USB device.

After all the boot settings finished, save it and restart ASUS Windows 8. ASUS will open Windows Password Genius program in WinPE.

Step 6: Reset Asus Windows 8 local password.

Windows 8 local accounts are listed on the window. Make sure the Windows and choose the account you are ready to reset its password. Click Reset Password to change Asus Windows 8 local account or Microsoft account password. Then Reboot Asus desktop/laptop/tablet.

reset asus windows 8 local account password

Step 7: Change other Windows 8 password for Asus PC.

About above steps, you can also refer to Windows Password Genius Advanced user guide.

After the computer restarts successfully, you can access Windows 8 without local account password. Move the mouse to the upper right of window, and click Settings, choose Change PC settings on the bottom right side of screen, and select Users option. Change your local password, Change picture password/Remove and Change PIN/Remove are displayed there for you.

Have it helped change Asus Windows 8 password? If not, try it now and you will know.

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