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No Way for Word 2013 Password Removal after Word Password Forgot

Office Word 2013 password removal

Cannot find a way to remove Word 2013 password?

If you still remember word 2013 password, follow the general ways. If not, you should get a word password removal tool to remove word 2013 password.

General ways to remove Word 2013 password:

1. Open Word 2013 document with password, and click File > Info > Protect Document > Unprotect document. Clear Word document password in pop-up dialog and click OK.

2. If some document is restricted editing in Word 2013, we have to stop it in Review > Restrict Editing.

Remove Word 2013 Password by Word password removal tool

There are lots of password removal tools, such as Office Password Remover, Word Password Remover and Word Password Genius etc. But which one is effective for Word 2013 password removal?

After several tries, you would find iSunshare Word Password Genius is one that could recover Word password instantly, effectively and harmlessly. Then you could use general way to remove word password or keep word password in safe place.

Word 2013 password removal with tool

  1. Install and run Word Password Genius on computer.
  2. Click Open button to import Word 2013 document.
  3. Choose password attack type in Type of attack, and set different kinds of parameters.
  4. Click Start button to begin recovering word 2013 password.
  5. Open Word document with recovered password
  6. Remove Word password protection with general way.

So don’t be panic after Word password forgetting. Besides, there is another free but a little difficult way. Hope it can help you.

1. Install 7zip on your computer. Make a copy of the original document and rename it to have the .zip extension.
2. Extract .zip file with 7zip and in the contents find word\settings.xml.
3. Edit settings.xml to remove the XML element beginning with w:documentprotection. Remove everything including <and>.
4. Copy the word directory to the same location as your document.zip file.
5. Rename your file to word.zip
6. Right click word directory and choose 7zip -> Add to "word.zip"
7. Rename word.zip to yourformname.docx

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