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Locked Out of Office 2016/2013/2010/2007 Files - How to Open

Generally, as long as we have a computer, there always should be MS Office installed on it. We use it to write an article, create a novel, design a form, send an email to friend or colleague and prepare show document. But computer and Internet security is becoming hot topic nowadays. So if there is any vital data on them, we always think of setting a password to lock Office files.

However, we couldn’t promise we are able to remember so many passwords. You know there are a lot of passwords have to be remembered in our daily life. Forgot Office files open password and locked out of MS Office 2016/2013/2010/2007 have become usual thing. Now, a problem will come to our mind - how to open locked Office files.

Is there a way to reset Word/Excel/Access/PowerPoint/Outlook file once for all? Actually, the most effective way iSunshare Office Password Genius would answer your question.

How to open Word/Excel/Access etc file with Office Password Genius?

1. Get trial one from Internet and install it on your computer.

You don’t need to find another computer like Windows password recovery. Just on your computer, you can complete the whole Office password recovery.

2. Run Office Password Genius and click "Open" button to add the locked Office file.

3. Choose password attack type, Brute-Force attack, Mask attack, Dictionary attack and Smart attack.

In order to save time on Office file password recovery, choose the appropriate attack type according to password status. For example, if you still remember part of Office file open password, you can choose Mask attack. In the Mask input box, type the password you still remember on the right location. Other forgotten Office password instead of symbol "?", one character instead by one "?".

recover office forgotten password with mask attack

If you probably remember password length range, Brute-Force attack can be your choice. This type of attack will try all possible characters combinations in specified Range. The password recovery engine is highly optimized, thus short password can be recovered immediately. Set the range and length.

If your password is usual or you make sure Office password can be found among the passwords you combine, you can try Dictionary attack. Recover lost Office password by trying the password combinations in the built-in dictionary. You also can download another dictionary from Internet or self-create one. This method may be the fastest way if your password is a keyword. Set the dictionary path or default.

Smart Attack. This Attack is automatic and smart attack. It will try all possible characters combinations include all printable characters. This attack type is seldom useful.

Tips: Brute-force/Mask/Dictionary Password Recovery Attack Settings

4. Start recover Office file forgotten password.

Click "Start" button, Office password recovery program runs automatically. When the window with Office file opening password pops up, you could copy the password or open Office file directly.

In fact, besides the Office Password Genius introduced above, iSunshare Office Password Remover also helps you. The first helps you find out your complete password, and the second one removes Office forgotten passwords. But the second one only applies to Word and Excel file right now.

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