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How to Find MS Access Database Forgotten Password

While access 97-2016 database password forgot, what you can do to find password to open access database safely and effectively?

Access database password means database open password at this moment. If you can get it after forgot, you would be able to open and edit database again without restriction, just like other Office files. But whick way could help to find access forgotten database password? It confuses people who encounter this problem, because it would not be the same to windows password reset with password reset disk. So I think only third-party password recovery tool can be used to find access password effectively.

Find Access Database Forgotten Password with Third-Party Tool

Access Password Genius and Office Password Genius are two third-party password recovery tools that could recover access database password. While Office Password Genius not only supports Access 97-2016, but also Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook 97-2016, so if you want to find a password recovery tool that could recover passwrod for encrypted Office files, Office Password Genius is better than Access Password Genius.

Step 1: Prepare Office Password Genius on computer and import Access database file.

1. Download Office Password Genius Standard trial version or full version to install and run it on computer. Run it

2. Click Open button to browse computer and select Access database file password forgotten to add.

run Office Password Genius to find access password

Step 2: Select appropriate password attack type and find access databse forgotten password.

1. Select one password attack type from Type of attack, you think it is the best for imported access database.

2. Make detailed parameters settings according to selected attack type.

Tips: Brute-force/Mask/Dictionary Password Recovery Attack Settings

select password attack type for access file

3. Click Start button and begin to find forgotten access password.

If access password finder is successful, there would pop up a dialog with access database password.

If it cannot start to recover or find access database password, probably it is trial version and forgotten access database password is longer than 3 characters. At this time, there would be no other better methods besides getting Office Password Genius full version.

find forgotten access password by Office Password Genius successfully

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