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SanDisk USB Flash Drive Data Recovery with Three Tools

"My SanDisk USB flash drive was formatted by me just now. But many important data, including files, Photos, audios, and videos are deleted. So regretful I am now. Therefore, I have to protect the formatted USB flash drive, and find effective way or tool for USB flash drive data recovery as soon as possible." The following article is based on the user’s experience about using data recovery tools.

Three Data Recovery Tools to Recover SanDisk USB Flash Drive Data

Three free and available data recovery tool: Data Genius, Card Data Genius, Photo Data Genius.

1. How to choose appropriate data recovery tool?

three available data recovery tools for USB flash drive data recovery
  1. From the aspect of data storage device, memory card data recovery can choose Card Data Genius, so it is also usable for USB flash drive.
  2. In terms of deleted data type, photos, audio or videos are deleted from USB flash drive, so Photo Data Genius can be chosen for USB flash drive data recovery.

If you don’t care about data recovery type or storage device, Data Genius can be an effective and common choice all the time. In a word, choose different tool according to deleted data type and data storage device.

  1. Recover SanDisk USB Flash Drive Data with Photo Data Genius
  2. Recover SanDisk USB Flash Drive Data with Card Data Genius
  3. Recover SanDisk USB Flash Drive Data with Data Genius

In order to make USB drive deleted data recovery easy to be understood, common steps will be introduced below with Card Data Genius, also available to Photo Data Genius, Data Genius.

2. Steps to recover USB flash drive deleted photos/videos/audios/files

Step 1: Take formatted USB flash drive and connect it to computer.

Step 2: Run Card Data Genius on computer and choose data recovery option.

choose USB flash drive data recovery option

If you have not downloaded and installed it on your computer, download Card Data Genius first. Choose which option depends on what you want to recover. Now choose "All File Types". Click Next button.

Step 3: Select USB flash external driver in Drivers/Partitions list. Click Scan button.

choose and scan formatted USB flash drive

Step 4: Scan USB flash driver files. This step will take few minutes.

Step 5: Preview data in the right pane of Card Data Genius, check them and click "Recover" button. Remember to choose another drive to save them in a folder.

preview and recover USB flash drive deleted data

Step 6: "Recovery is finished" message prompts that USB drive data recovery is successful.

successfully recover deleted data for USB flash drive

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