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Excel Workbook Password Remover after Excel Password Lost

Lost Excel Workbook password and entire Excel workbook locked for reading?

Microsoft Excel has protection feature that allows users to lock Excel workbook with password. When Excel lost password that is set to open a spreadsheet, user will be prompted to type it if they are trying to open Microsoft Excel file.

So users would need Excel workbook open password to open excel workbook, or directly remove Excel workbook password. Now let’s see how to do.

  1. 1. Remove Lost Excel Workbook Password with Excel Password Remover
  2. 2. Remove Excel Workbook Password Manually with Excel Password Genius

1. Remove Lost Excel Workbook Password with Excel Password Remover

If you want to remove lost Excel Workbook password directly, Excel Password Remover is a good choice for XLS excel files.

Step 1: Install Excel Password Remover full version on computer.

Trial version of Excel Password Remover is just used to view locked excel workbook, but not removes excel password.

Step 2: Add excel workbook into this tool with Open button.

Click "Open" button or "Add file icon" to browse excel workbook in computer, and then click open to add it to Excel Password Remover tool.

remove excel workbook lost password with Excel Password Remover

Step 3: Remove lost excel password by clicking Remove Password button.

2. Remove Excel Workbook Password Manually with Excel Password Genius

When excel files is not XLS format, Excel Password Remover will not work for Excel Workbook password remover. Now we will need Excel Password Genius to recover lost excel workbook password first, and then remove excel password manually after opening excel workbook with recovered password.

Step 1: Install Excel Password Genius trial or full version on computer based on lost password length.

Step 2: Import Excel workbook file into password recovery tool.

Click "Open" button and browse the workbook file in computer. Then open it in the "Encrypted File" box of password recovery tool.

recover lost excel workbook password

Step 3: Set Excel workbook password recovery method and make detailed parameter settings.

In "Type of attack", four password recovery methods are available for you to choose, Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart. Then make appropriate settings for attack type you choose.

Step 4: Recover Excel workbook password with Start button clicked.

Few minutes even seconds later, excel workbook password can be found and appear in this new window.

lost excel workbook password recovery

Step 5: Copy password to open locked excel workbook.

Double click locked excel workbook, and type recovered password in pop-up dialog and click OK to open excel workbook.

Step 6: Turn to File > Info > Protect Workbook > Encrypt with Password to remove Excel password.

remove excel workbook password manually

Clear password in box which is used to encrypt the excel document. Click OK. Now it has been decrypted.

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