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How to Decrypt a Password-Protected iTunes iPhone Backup

If iTunes iPhone backup is encrypted with unknown password, how do you decrypt password-protected iPhone backup, for restoring iPhone from this backup or using iPhone backup for other intentions?

fail to decrypte iTunes backup

Now please follow the questions and answers below to find ways.

1. Why iTunes iPhone backup is encrypted with password, and we probably have no idea about that?

Backup file password is used to protect iPhone backup from intentional or unmeant damage. To some extent, the password ensures the safety of backup. So when we want to restore iPhone from backup, we can get a complete and effective backup file.

But why we don’t know the backup password?

The backup password is usually set when we first backup iPhone data. In the following backup time, old password may be used all the time automatically until it is changed. So we probably forgot iPhone backup password if it has not been saved in a safe place.

2. How to get iPhone backup password and protect backup file at the same time?

As is known, iPhone backup password may be iPhone default password, Apple ID, iPhone digit passcode, old iTunes password, Mac login password or Windows administrator password. So before recovering password with another tool, we also can try these possible passwords.

If all of these couldn’t work, let’s try an effective tool iSunshare iTunes Password Genius that can quickly recover iTunes backup password for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. (Take iPad as example to introduce)

Three Steps to Decrypt Password-Protected iTunes iPhone Backup

Step 1: Preparation.

1-1 Download and install iTunes Password Genius on Windows computer.

1-2 Run it and add password-protected iPhone backup into it from computer.

add password-protected iTunes iPhone backup

1-3 Confirm the default iPhone backup or browse iPhone backup you want to decrypt on computer, and then open it.

open password-protected iTunes backup in software

1-4 Password attack settings.

Four powerful password attack types are provided to decrypt iTunes iPhone backup password. According to forgotten password features, select one appropriate type from "Type of attack" drop-down box. And make detailed settings for selected one, to save backup password recovery time. See User Guide to Recover iTunes Backup Password.

Step 2: Get Password-Protected iPhone backup password by clicking "Start" button.

When all have been set, click Start button and wait for few seconds or minutes, then encrypted iPhone backup password would be recovered. How long the process would last, based on the password complexity and password attack type settings.

recover iTunes iPhone backup password

Step 3: Decrypt encrypted iPhone backup.

1-1 Successfully connect iPhone to computer and iPhone general option would be open in iTunes on computer.

decrypt password-protected iPhone backup

1-2 Select Summary option, and click on "Restore Backup".

1-3 In pop-up dialog, copy iPhone backup password and paste it in the dialog. Click OK and iPhone backup can be decrypted.

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