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How to Remove Supervisor Password on Windows 8 computer

If you remember the supervisor password of your computer, you can easily remove it in a very fast way. For your better understanding, this article will take removing supervisor password on Windows 8 as a specific example and illustrate it clearly.

Steps to remove supervisor password on Windows 8 computer:

Step 1: Enter PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility.

You can enter it by following the two procedures below.

1. Boot the Windows 8 computer and immediately click F1/F2/F8/F10/F11/F12/Del/Esc… without stop.

Tips: The keys above represent the BIOS keys of various brands of computers such as Acer, Dell, Asus, HP, MSI, IBM, etc.

2. Input the supervisor password in the empty box and tap Enter.

Step 2: Find Set Supervisor Password option and open it.

1. In the PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility interface, select Security on the menu bar with right arrow.

2. Choose Enter behind Set Supervisor Password by down arrow and click Enter on the keyboard.

For the two procedures above, you can refer to the following screen shot.

Step 3: Remove the supervisor password by resetting it as an empty password.

This step is further divided into the processes below.

1. In the dialogue box of Set Supervisor Password, type the current password in the first empty box and click Enter. Then press Enter twice to leave the remaining two boxes blank, as shown in the following picture.

2. Tap Enter to continue when the program notices that changes have been saved.

Step 4: Save the changes and exit.

Press F10 and tap Enter to save configuration changes and exit.

After learning the above steps, do you think it is easy and speedy to remove the supervisor password on Windows 8 computer? To a great extent, your answer will be positive. Now, just put the steps into practice and your answer will be ascertained.

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