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Prevent Changing Mouse Pointer on Windows 8/8.1

By default, you can change the mouse pointer in the Pointers tab on your Windows 8 computer, as shown in the picture below. Moreover, if you dislike other people to modify it without your permission, you are able to prevent changing it by enabling related setting in the Local Group Policy Editor. For your better understanding, this text will show you how to achieve the goal at length.

Video guide on how to prevent changing mouse pointer on Windows 8:

Steps to prevent changing mouse pointer on Windows 8/8.1:

Step 1: Access the Local Group Policy Editor.

Sub-step 1: Right-click the bottom left corner of the desktop to open the Quick Access Menu, and choose Control Panel in it.

Sub-step 2: In the Control Panel, type group policy in the top-right search box and click Edit group policy to enter the editor.

Tips: Learn more methods to access the editor, please make reference to 4 Ways to Open Local Group Policy Editor on Windows 8/8.1.

Step 2: Find and open the setting of "Prevent changing mouse pointers".

Locate it by following the path of User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Control Panel/Personalization/Prevent changing mouse pointers, and then double-click it to open the setting.

Step 3: Enable this setting.

In the window called Prevent changing mouse pointers, choose Enabled and tap OK.

Later, if you open the Mouse Properties window, you will find that the Pointers tab disappears, which means you cannot change the mouse pointer here.

Note: The "Prevent changing mouse pointers" setting has no effect if you modify the mouse pointer in the setting of "Make the mouse easier to use".

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