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How to Turn on or off Toolbars on Taskbar in Windows 8/8.1

Toolbars on the taskbar of Windows 8/8.1 computer generally refer to Address, Links, Desktop and Touch Keyboard (as the following picture shows), which undeniably bring users great convenience. However, for some users who are unfamiliar with Windows 8/8.1 system, they may be care about how they can turn them on or off. As a result, this post will respectively introduce two methods to turn on and off Toolbars on taskbar.

Video guide on how to turn on or off Toolbars on taskbar in Windows 8:

2 ways to turn on or off Toolbars on taskbar in Windows 8/8.1 computer:

Way 1: Turn them on or off in Taskbar Properties.

Step 1: Open Search with Windows+F hotkeys, input turn on toolbar and choose Settings to wait for the search results come out.

Tips: The information to be input in the search box can also be toolbar, taskbar or turn off toolbar, and they are not case-sensitive.

Step 2: In the left searching results, find and click Turn toolbars on the taskbar on or off.

Step 3: As the Taskbar Properties window opens, in Toolbars, check or uncheck the boxes before Address, Links, Touch Keyboard and Desktop, and then tap OK to confirm the settings.

Way 2: Turn Toolbars on or off in the right-click menu of taskbar.

Right-tap any blank area on the taskbar, point at Toolbars in the context menu and then select or unselect the toolbars in the sub-menu to turn them on or off.

From now on, with the above methods, you can have the on and off status of the taskbar toolbars under your full control.

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