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How to Control Startup Apps on Huawei Android

"Manage apps" and "Startup Manager" feature designed in Android phone surely could help to easily control Android apps running in background. So if you want to manage Android apps and don’t know how to do, now please go on to manage apps running with "Manage apps" feature, and control startup apps with "Startup Manager".

How to allow or disable startup apps with Startup Manager?

Step 1: Go to Settings > All, and choose Startup manager.

This program is used to manage startup apps on Android phone.

control startup apps on Android

Step 2: Allow or disallow app to run automatically after the Huawei phone starts up.

In Startup manager, you can see all apps that could be run on Android phone. If you want it to run automatically just after the phone starts up, turn on control button next to the app. Then when your phone starts next time, the app will run automatically even though you don’t like to launch it.

If you want to disable some apps to run next time even when phone starts up, just turn off the control button next to the apps.

How to view and manage running apps on Android phone?

Step 1: Open "Settings > All" and choose Manage apps option.

Step 2: You would see all apps installed on this Huawei Android phone. Turn to Running option, and you could view all the apps running on Android now.

stop apps from running in background

If you want to stop apps running now on Android phone, or you would like to stop apps from running in background, just find and open it in "Manage apps".

Click Stop button and it would stop running on Android phone. But if the apps are related to other apps you want to run, please had better not stop it. Otherwise, it would influence the Android operation.

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