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How to Make a Password Reset Disk for Another Locked Computer

As we know, password reset disk can be created on accessible computer with Windows built-in feature. So there would be no worry if you can access another computer. However, if computer is locked, whether password reset disk can be made?

Now this post would give its answers. It will discuss how to make a password reset disk for another computer in detail, in purpose of resetting Windows forgotten password even you are locked out of computer.

Guide to make a password reset disk for another computer


1. iSunshare Windows Password Genius

2. Writable USB drive or CD and accessible Windows computer

Step 1: Run iSunshare Windows Password Genius on an accessible computer.

iSunshare Windows Password Genius has provided four editions, each one applies to related Windows systems. And Windows Password Genius Advanced has been designed for all of Windows operational systems except raid server. Now we will take it as example. If you need to make a password reset disk for raid server, Windows Password Genius Raid should be chosen.

download windows password genius advanced

Step 2: Get writable USB drive and plug it into computer.

Both USB flash drive and CD/DVD-ROM are available to make a password reset disk. Now we choose USB drive just in consideration of easy-to-found and easy-to-use. Then plug it into accessible computer where Windows Password Genius Advanced runs.

choose media type usb device

Step 3: Specify plugged USB drive to burn the iSunshare program.

Select USB device option on iSunshare password tool and from next drop-down list, please browse and choose the USB drive you just inserted into computer.

specify plugged usb device

Step 4: Begin to burn iSunshare program into USB drive.

Click on button Begin burning and Yes to make sure format the inserted USB drive firstly, and then burn iSO image file of iSnshare program into it.

confirm to format usb drive

begin to make password reset disk with isunshare program

Step 5: Prompted with "Burning Successfully" and get a password reset disk.

About few seconds later, you will be prompted with message Burning Successfully on a pop-up dialog. Click OK and exit the USB drive, which has become the password reset disk you wanted to make.

successfully make a password reset disk for another computer

What can you do with this kind of password reset disk on another computer?

1. Reset forgotten Windows password for locked computer.

2. Create new admin account for any Windows computers without login.

About more details, you can follow Windows Password Genius Advanced user guide.

What’s the difference between the password reset disk made above and that one created with Windows built-in feature?

1. Password reset disk created with Windows built-in feature only reset Windows password for one specified user account in that Windows system.

2. Password reset disk made above not only reset Windows password for all Windows systems and all accounts, but also create new admin account in any locked windows computer.

Conclusion: Windows Password Genius is better than Windows built-in feature to make password reset disk.

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