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How to add or change RAM memory for laptop

Adding a RAM to your laptop is a quick and easy way to make your laptop run more faster.

Guide to add or change RAM for laptop:

1. Check the RAM specification for your laptop.

2. Buy RAM for your laptop.

3. Install RAM to your laptop.

1. Check the RAM specification for your laptop.

Download and install CPU-Z tool on your computer, and then run it to check your meomory specification. Tips: From the following screenshot, we know the computer has four memory slot, the memory type is DDR3, and the memory speed is PC3-12800(DDR3 1600MHZ). So, if we want to buy a memory for this computer, we can search "DDR3 PC3-12800 laptop" or "DDR3 1600 laptop" on amazon, ebay, or newegg to find the memory we need.


If the memory slot is empty, you will see nothing about the memory on that slot.


2. Buy the right RAM for your laptop.

When you get the memory specification from cpu-z tool, you can buy memory from computer shop, or buy it online, such as bestbuy, amazon, ebay, newegg, etc.

3. Insert memory to your laptop.

In general, more of the laptops have a build-in RAM, and have one or more RAM slots for memory extension. You can follow the following guide to install memory on your computer.

Tips: Before you tuch or install memory on your laptop, you had better to release static electricity of your body- wash hand or tuch metal water pipe.

Tips: Dont tuch memory particles and connecting finger. You can catch the two ends of the memory.


Step 1: Take off the memory cover with small screwdriver .


Step 2: Insert the new memory to memory slot at about 45-degree angle, press it down, and you will hear "ka,ka" two sound.


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