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How to Undelete Files in Windows 7

Several important files have been deleted from my Windows 7 computer unknowingly. And I cannot find deleted files in recycle bin. How can I do to undelete Windows 7 files?

Obviously, if Windows 7 deleted files are in recycle bin, you just need to restore them from recycle bin, and they would be turned back to the locations before deletion. However, it seems that you cannot find Windows 7 deleted files with so easy way in Windows 7 computer. But is it real that you could no longer recover Windows 7 deleted files?

If there is no effective data recovery tool, it would be true. But if there is a powerful data recovery tool, such as Data Genius, you will easily undelete Windows 7 deleted files, as long as you choose "Deleted Recovery" mode to recover Windows 7 data.

Steps to Recover Windows 7 Deleted Files with Data Genius:

Step 1: Search and download Data Genius on your Windows 7 computer to install.

Data Genius is free now to recover lost data from hard drive, external storage devices, such as USB flash drive, memory card etc, applying to data loss because of deletion, format, partition or virus attack etc. So just need to download, install and run it on your Windows 7 computer.

Step 2: Choose the default mode "Deleted Recovery" for undeleting Windows 7 files.

While Data Genius runs on your computer, you could see "Deleted Recovery" data recovery mode has been selected by default. This mode could recover deleted files including photos, video, music, and more from a partition and removable media. Therefore, it is right for Windows 7 deleted files recovery. Click Next.

free download windows 7 file recovery tool

Step 3: Select and scan the drive that ever saves Windows 7 deleted files.

select windows 7 drive to scan deleted files

Step 4: Preview data in the scanning drive and mark the deleted files.

preview and recover windows 7 deleted files

Step 5: Undelete Windows 7 files with click on "Recover" button.

1. You will be prompting to choose a location to choose the recovered Windows 7 files. Click OK.

save windows 7 recovered files

2. Data Genius begins to recover Windows 7 deleted files.

undelete windows 7 files

3. When all the selected Windows 7 files are undeleted, message "Recovery is finished" will pop up.

recover windows 7 deleted files successfully

Windows 7 deleted files have been recovered successfully with Data Genius.

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