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Toshiba File Recovery Deleted from External Hard Drive

With Toshiba external hard drive failure, files are deleted suddenly from it because of any unknown reasons. How can Toshiba file recovery deleted from external hard drive?

If this is the problem you met, several simple steps can recover Toshiba deleted files with Data Genius.

3 Simple Steps to Recover Lost Files Easily from Toshiba External Hard Drive

Step 1: Prepare Data Genius installed on your Toshiba computer.

Data Genius is free to download and used usually to recover lost data because of deletion, hard drive partition, format, or virus attack. Double-click it to install it on computer, and run it after installation.

choose Deleted Recovery option

Step 2: Choose data recovery option and external hard drive to scan deleted files.

1. On Data Genius main screen, choose Deleted Recovery option and click Next button.

2. Select external hard drive, and click Scan button.

3. After scanning, you can see several folders under the external hard drive. Files are shown in the right side at the same time. Select it and you can see it in the preview window.

scan Toshiba external hard drive

Step 3: Recover deleted files and save them on Toshiba hard drive.

1. In the files showing window, check the files you want to recover and click "Recover" button.

2. Choose another hard drive on Toshiba computer to save recovered data. And click OK.

selected Toshiba deleted files to recover

3. Data recovery program runs and it will cost few minutes. When it prompts you "Recovery is finished", that means deleted files has been recovered successfully and saved on Toshiba computer.

successfully recover Toshiba deleted files from external hard drive

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