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How to Recover iPhone Deleted Photos with 5 Effective Ways

I recently cleared my iPhone 5S entirely and my many important photos were deleted accidently at the same time. How can I recover iPhone deleted photos?

If this really happened out of control, please try following 5 effective ways to recover deleted iPhone photos. They apply to different kinds of situations, so you just need to find one available for your iPhone photo recovery.

  1. Method 1: Recover photos from iTunes backup with iPhone photo recovery software
  2. Method 2: Directly scan iPhone to recover deleted photos with iPhone photo recovery tool
  3. Method 3: Restore iPhone photos from backup in iTunes
  4. Method 4: Retrieve iPhone photos from iCloud backup
  5. Method 5: Copy deleted photos from computer to iPhone or iCloud

Method 1: Recover photos from iTunes backup with iPhone photo recovery software

If you have an iTunes backup for your iPhone, but you are not sure which backup has the deleted photos, or you only want to recover partial data from iTunes backup, iPhone data recovery software iOS Data Genius will be helpful for you.

Steps to recover deleted iPhone photos from iTunes backup with iOS Data Genius:

iphone photo recovery from iTunes backup with iphone photo recovery software

Step 1: Prepare and run iOS Data Genius, and choose Recover from iTunes Backup File.

Step 2: Several iTunes backups are listed in backup list. According to Device Name, Last Backup Data and Serial Number, select the right backup for your iPhone. Click Start Scan button.

Step 3: After iPhone backup is scanned, you can see all the files of iPhone backup in the left column in new interface.

recover deleted iphone photos with iphone photo recovery tool

Step 4: Click on Photo Stream folder and preview photos of it on the right side. While you make sure they are the photos you want, click Recover button.

Step 5: A new dialog appears at this moment, which is ready for you to choose a folder to save recovered iPhone photos in computer. Click OK and Recover successfully message pops up instantly.

Now iPhone deleted photos have been recovered and kept on your computer. You can check them in the folder you have ever chosen to store photos.

save iphone deleted photos in computer after iphone photo recovery

Method 2: Directly scan iPhone to recover iPhone deleted photos with iPhone photo recovery tool

If you have iOS Data Genius in hand, you also can directly scan iPhone to recover deleted photos. It provides another chance to recover iPhone deleted data when there is no iCloud backups or iTunes backups of your iPhone, or backups are out of date.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer and run iOS Data Genius after installation.

iphone photo recovery by scanning iphone with iphone photo recovery tool

Step 2: When your iPhone is recognized by iOS Data Genius, check I have backed up my device with iTunes and click Start Scan button at the bottom side to look for what can be recovered.

Step 3: Click files to preview and choose iPhone photos to recover.

When iPhone scanning is completed, files you can recover appear in the left column of interface. There shows Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Videos, Contacts, Messages, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Voice Mmeos and Safari Bookmark. Click Photo Stream to preview photos. Select the photos deleted from your iPhone and click Recover button.

recover deleted photos successfully by scanning iphone with iOS Data Genius

Step 4: Save recovered iPhone photos in computer.

Choose a folder to save recovered photos in pop-up computer file explorer window. Click OK. Then Recover successfully message would prompt you that iPhone photo recovery is successful with iOS Data Genius. If you wish, you can instantly navigate to recovered photos folder on computer by clicking OK button or closing iOS Data Genius.

Method 3: Restore iPhone photos from backup in iTunes

If you have backed up iPhone data with iTunes, now it is time to make full use of iTunes backup to restore iPhone photos.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer you usually sync with, or you back up iPhone with iTunes.

Note: iTunes can automatically create backups of your iPhone when iPhone is connected to computer, if you have set iPhone synced with iTunes. So don't use iTunes to sync again this time, otherwise new sync would overwrite the previous backup.

Step 2: Go to File > Devices > Restore from Backup.

restore iphone deleted photos from backup with iTunes

Step 3: iPhone will start to restore and reboot, and iPhone will be ready to use after a few minutes. Now open iPhone, and you can see the deleted photos in the Photos.


Method 4: Retrieve iPhone photos from iCloud backup

If "iCloud backup" has been enabled on your iPhone, when iPhone is accessible or before photos deletion, you can retrieve the deleted photos by restoring from iCloud backup.

Before recovering iPhone photos from iCloud backup, don’t charge your iPhone and allow the screen to lock while your iPhone is connecting to the Internet over Wi-Fi network.

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings on your iPhone.

erase iphone before restoring deleted photos from icloud backup

retrieve iphone photos from icloud backup

Step 2: iPhone will automatically restart, and in Setup Assistant, proceed to Set up your device and tap Restore from iCloud Backup.

Step 3: Choose one from available backups in iCloud. Enter username and password if you have ever used them to create iCloud backups. Tap Restore.

Step 4: When the process is done, all the settings of iPhone are restored and iPhone will restart again.


Method 5: Copy deleted photos from computer to iPhone or iCloud

Why can we directly copy deleted photos from computer to iPhone or iCloud?

So if you have copies of the deleted iPhone photos on your PC or Mac, just transfer them back to your iPhone with iTunes. If the copies have been synced to cloud services, resync using cloud backups.

copy deleted photos from pc to iphone

Though we can recover deleted photos on iPhone with above ways, such as iOS Data Genius, iTunes backup, iCloud backup or iTunes, it is still highly recommended to back up iPhone photos in time to avoid unnecessary troubles or loss. These five ways are usually used to backup iPhone photos.

1. Sync iPhone photos to computer with iTunes.
2. Back up with iCloud.
3. Copy photos from iPhone directly using AutoPlay or Windows Explorer on PC.
4. Import iPhone photos with Preview or Image Capture on Mac.
5. A lot of third-party iPhone data backup software.

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