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How to Remove Password Security from Secured PDF File

PDF password security protects PDF file from unwilling opening, editing or printing etc undoutedly. Now in this article, we want to talk about is how to remove password security from secured PDF file while we don't need password protection on PDF file.

If you also want to remove password protection from PDF file, please follow the article to do.

Steps to Remove PDF Password Security with PDF Password Removal Tool

Before removing PDF password security, we should consider two problems.

1. Do you know PDF file open password?
2. Do you know PDF file permissions password?

Problem 1: Whether you have PDF file open password

Problem 2: Whether you have PDF file permissions password

Which way could remove PDF secure password effectively? Now I will use PDP password removal tools, PDF Password Genius, Adobe Acrobat even Google Chrome helps to remove PDF password protection together.


1. PDF open password or PDF Password Genius
2. Adobe Acrobat(Permissions password) or Google Chrome

Step 1: Recover PDF Open Password with PDF Password Genius

1-1 Find appropriate PDF Password Genius (Standard or Professional) and download or pay for it.

1-2 Install and run PDF Password Genius Standard now on your computer.

run PDF password removal tool

Tips: If you want to try faster recovery speed, you can try PDF Password Genius Professional.

1-3 Import secured PDF file into this PDF password removal tool with Open button.

1-4 Choose PDF password removal method in Type of attack and set details for it.

Tips: Brute-force/Mask/Dictionary Password Attack Type Settings

1-5 Successfully recover PDF file open password after you click on Start button.

recover PDF file password with password removal tool

Step 2: Remove PDF Password Security with/without Permissions Password

  1. Option 1: Remove PDF Password Security with Adobe Acrobat
  2. Option 2: Remove Password from PDF File with Google Chrome

Option 1: Remove PDF Password Security with Adobe Acrobat

1. Copy recovered PDF password, and open password protected PDF file with it.

remove PDF file open password

2. Click on the Secure button on the top menu.

3. Select Remove Security.

4. Type permissition password you know on pop-up password box. Click OK and save PDF file.

remove PDF file security password

From now on, PDF file password security has been removed. You can open and edit PDF file without password.

Option 2: Remove Password from PDF File with Google Chrome

If you have no permissions password, how can you remove password security? In Adobe Acrobat, above steps would not be able to remove PDF password security if you don't know open password or edit password.

In fact, we just need to drag and open PDF file in Google Chrome, and save it as new PDF file. We will easily get new PDF file without password protection instead of old one. At this moment, we have successfully removed open and permissions password from PDF file.

remove password from PDF file with Google Chrome

Tips: This method works only when you have PDF file open password, or have recover PDF password with PDF Password Genius at first.

Refer to: How to Unsecure Secured PDF File without Edit Password for Printing

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