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Unlock Encrypted PDF File to Read/Edit When No Password

If PDF password forgot, how to unlock encrypted PDF file without password in order to open, edit or print it?

If you have not found an effective way, such as a powerful PDF password recovery tool to directly unlock PDF file protected with user and owner password, the article will help you. It will introduce what the PDF password is and how to respectively unlock PDF file encrypted with them. So then you can follow the part you need to unlock your PDF file.

What kind of PDF forgotten password?

  1. 1. Password to prevent user from opening PDF file
  2. 2. Password to restrict user from editing/printing PDF file

How to unlock encrypted PDF file for reading/editing/printing according to password type?

  1. Part 1: Unlock Encrypted PDF File without Open Password to Read
  2. Part 2: Unlock Encrypted PDF File without Permissions Password to Edit/Print

Part 1: Unlock Encrypted PDF File without Open Password to Read

Cannot open and read encrypted PDF file after password forgot? Now you need a password recovery tool to recover PDF open password and unlock PDF file encrypted with open password for reading.

Step 1: Download and install "PDF Password Genius" on computer.

When you search "PDF Password Genius" in Google, you would find two versions are provided, Standard and Professional version. Standard version only works on your computer to recover forgotten PDF password, while Professional version can make client programs to run on all available computers in Local Area Network. So if compared Standard and Professional version in recovery speed, PDF Password Genius Professional would be undoubtedly faster than Standard version to recover PDF open password.

Surely, you can choose trial or full version of PDF Password Genius Standard or Professional. Now we will take PDF Password Genius Standard trial version to have a try. If you want to make sure it can recover PDF complex password, I think you should get full version.

install PDF Password Genius to unlock PDF file

Step 2: Run PDF password recovery tool and add encrypted PDF file into it.

On the top menu of PDF Password Genius, click Open button to browse computer hard drive and find encrypted PDF file. Select it and click "Open" button in Open window to import encrypted PDF file into Encrypted File box.

recover locked PDF file forgotten open password

Step 3: Choose password attack type in "Type of attack" and set different kinds of parameters.

Parameters under Type of attack, such as password range, length, dictionary path etc, could be set to fast PDF password recovery. Morever, the more CPU cores you can use, the faster recovery speed you can enjoy.

Step 4: Click "Start" button to recover encrypted PDF file open password.

Once "Start" button clicked, you can view the progress of PDF password recovery on PDF Password Genius. Until a new window appears and shows PDF file open password, it would stop working.

open locked PDF file with open password

Step 5: Copy recovered password to unlock encrypted PDF file and read it.

Part 2: Unlock Encrypted PDF File without Permissions Password to Edit/Print

The easiest way to unlock PDF file for editing or printing, should be getting edit password from PDF file owner and remove PDF security.

First, open encrypted PDF file with recovered password.

open PDF document with recovered password

Second, click Protection > Remove Security in the top menu or in Tool pane.

choose PDF file Remove Security option

Third, type permissions password in pop-up dialog box and click OK to unlock PDF file encrypted with open and permissions password. Press Ctrl + S to save PDF file. Then it would become not restricted reading, editing or printing, you can do what you want to do on PDF file.

enter PDF permission password to unlock PDF for editing

If you cannot get permissions password from PDF file owner, the above would not work. But as long as you drag and open encrypted PDF file in Google Chrome with recovered password, then save it as new PDF file. PDF file permissions password would be removed and you can successfully unlock encrypted PDF file without permissions password.

Refer to detailed steps in article: How to Unsecure Secured PDF File without Edit Password for Printing

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