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How to Remove PDF Lock with PDF Password Unlocker

As everyone knows, PDF document could be locked with PDF user and owner password. If we want to remove PDF lock, we should have to remove PDF user and owner password.

pdf file locked with user password

pdf locked with owner password

Suppose you know them, it would be easy to do in Acrobat. However, everything is not going well. Suppose you forgot PDF password or don't have, how would you do? I think you would need an effective PDF password unlocker, because it can find out PDF password lock you ask for to unlock PDF file and remove PDF password lock.

Which PDF password unlocker is better for locked PDF document?

iSunshare PDF Password Genius is one of PDF password unlocker I have ever used to unlock my PDF file. So effectively and safely! If you also care about efficiency and safety, it is a good choice for you. And it is worth mentioning that it has provided PDF Password Professional edition which largely improves speed to recover PDF user password lock in Local Area Network. Then what about PDF owner password lock? How can I remove it? Don’t worry! Chrome would directly remove PDF user and owner password lock as long as you could open locked PDF file with user password.

Therefore, you cannot imagine how it fast to remove PDF password lock with help of PDF Password Genius and Chrome. Just go on to see.

Steps to Remove PDF Lock with PDF Password Genius Professional and Chrome

Step 1: Get iSunshare PDF Password Genius Professional to install and run on a computer in LAN.

Purchase PDF Password Genius Professional(Price: $29.95)

Suppose you don’t have many computers in Local Area Network to use, you could take PDF Password Genius Standard instead to recover PDF password on one computer.

Step 2: Create, install and launch client program on other PCs in the LAN.

First, click Make Peer button on PDF Password Genius Professional to create installation file of client program, iSunshare PDF Peer.

create client program isunshare pdf peer

Second, move the exe file to other accessible PCs or laptops in the same LAN to install and launch.

run client program isunshare pdf peer

Step 3: Import locked PDF file and set PDF password lock characteristics.

import locked pdf file and set pdf lock features

Step 4: Start to recover PDF user password lock in LAN.

Just click Start button now to make PDF Password Genius Professional and its client programs work in the same LAN.

recover pdf user password lock in LAN

According to the above settings, your locked PDF user password would be found successfully in few seconds and shown on new pop up dialog. Please pay attention to save or copy it to use later.

quickly get pdf password lock successfully

Step 5: Remove PDF lock in Chrome after finding password lock.

5-1 Open Chrome and drag locked PDF file to it.

5-2 Type or past PDF user password in dialog and click Submit.

open locked pdf file in chrome browser

5-3 Now you have opened password protected PDF file and you can view contents in Chrome browser. Tap on Save as button on floating menu please.

click on save as button in chrome

5-4 On next pop-up dialog in the left panel of Chrome, select Save as PDF and All pages, then click Save button at last.

save locked pdf file as another pdf document

5-5 Your locked PDF file has been saved as PDF file which you can open and edit without password from then on. You have removed PDF lock successfully.

save as new pdf file to remove pdf lock

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