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How to Find Adobe Product Keys

Before we install or reinstall Adobe products in computer, product key and serial numbers are needed. Sometimes they are the same meaning for the same software, so product key is surely enough. And they are saved in Windows registry if we have ever installed Adobe products in our computer.

So apparently it is a way that you can scan Adobe product key in Windows registry manually and find it back. But not everyone could do that smoothly. At this moment, an easy-to-use and effective tool or program is necessary for help to achieve the same purpose easily and effectively. And actually, lots of such product key finder programs are available for finding Adobe product key.

We couldn’t make sure which one is the best, but we know that one is powerful for Adobe product key finder. It is iSunshare Product Key Finder.

1. Go to iSunshare website and download Product Key Finder.

Click "Try" button to download trial version or "Buy" button to get full version. Different version has different privileges.

2. Double-click it to run and install Product Key Finder on computer.

Once installation finished, product key finder program would run on computer.

3. Find Adobe product key.

Click Start Recovery button, and product key finder program would scan Adobe products key in Windows registry file automatically. Until Adobe product key successfully discovered, Adobe product key and serial number would appear in program.

find Adobe CS5/CS6 product key

Now, we can choose to save it on computer for backup. Click Save or Save to File button to keep it in a text.
Besides Adobe products, iSunshare Product Key Finder also find product keys for Windows, Office, SQL Server, IE etc.

save Adobe product key

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